Saturday, 20 August 2011

X-Factor - Potentials

New judges, big build up, stirring music, hopes and dreams yadda yadda yadda ... first up, young and extraordinarily honest 18 year old Frankie Cocozza, interested in working with animals, social work and saving the planet. What's that? Sorry - money, women and cars! Seven different girls names tattooed on his bum and drops his trousers to prove it! Very cheeky, cute and likeable but ... can he sing? Dodgy start but picked up, brave arrangement of Valerie, not sure he'll deliver in other styles but certainly deserves a shot.

Kitty Brucknell and already I'm thinking, delusional, but no - she has a voice, a strong voice but she's annoying me already. Stop talking! Strange one, there's a lot of sideways glances in the audience, we're not sure. Possibly this year's Katie, kinda telling that no-one came with her. Oh, please. Get. Off.

Cue lots of cringy bad stuff and Gary's impression of Simon. So why don't they put sick Goldie to the end of the day? Because we're going to hate her audition and put her through, obviously. Louis has found his Wagner, yep, there he goes. Gary the sole voice of sanity as Kelly and Tulisa blow their credibility with a double dose of semtex. We expect it from Louis, ladies, you were supposed to bring some class. Ah, well, business as usual.

Shy Irish lass, Janet Devlin. Raw, nervous, taking off now, breathe love, breathe. Unusual, fresh, natural - it's a Yes from me, different, quirky voice and very sweet.

Roxy Yarnold - stunning, the one note we heard *tuts*; Soso Status sounding very strong; Heshima, I'm not sure, plenty of personality but didn't hear enough of the vocal.

As usual, it appears we haven't seen the best. Maybe next week. *Doesn't hold breath*

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