Monday, 1 August 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Ticket Draw Opens!

It's that time of the year again folks - the BBC Ticket Website is open for Strictly Come Dancing random draw! As usual, no more than 2 tickets per household and though you can apply for as many dates as you like, you'll only get tickets for one. The phone lines and website registration will be open until 14th August.

The red carpet launch and celebrity unveiling will be on September 7th, with the first show scheduled for Friday, 30th September and followed by another on Saturday, 1st October, so it looks like they're sticking with the popular formula of a ballroom and a Latin for each contestant before elimination. Yay! This year's final will be at Blackpool on December 17th but, prior to that, the show scheduled for the 19th November will come live from Wembley Arena in aid of Children in Need.

Why are you still here? Go put those applications in!


  1. I think I'll save up for my annual trip to the live show in the early year Scatty :o)

    It's just as good on the telly anyway ;o)

    Ooh the 7th is only a month away - I'm all over excited now!!

  2. Me too but the papers are already winding me up ... ;)