Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Newest EastEnder star says NO to Strictly!

EastEnders latest signing, Jamie Foreman, told me “No no no no no!” when I said that now he’s going into EastEnders, we’ll probably see him on Strictly Come Dancing in due course!

I was privileged to meet Jamie on Saturday night, at an open air screening of the film Ironclad, about the siege of Rochester Castle by King John in 1215. He attended with fellow Ironclad star James Purefoy, to benefit the Restore Rochester Castle fund. Both stars were brilliant and lovely and stayed for as long as their fans wanted them.

Jamie insisted his wife is the dancer in their house. I’m guessing that no-one told him, to do EastEnders is to do Strictly. It’s the Law. Anyway, read the full interviews with Jamie and James here and a full review, including more quotes, of the Rochester Castle event here, with picture galleries.

Derek Branning may become the hardest man to grace the Square, but he’ll always be sweet and cuddly Jamie to me!

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