Monday, 4 July 2011

From Scarborough to Hollywood ...

The early dancing years of Matt Flint! You have to admit, it takes some guts to turn down a role in a West End show, to be at the mercy of the British public in a reality show!

Anyone else riveted by the Secrets of a Pop Song: Ballad on BBC2 on Saturday night? Professional song writer Guy Chambers (Angels and more) teamed up with Rufus Wainwright to write Rufus' love song entry to mainstream pop, World War Three. And from the opening melody I was hooked, the song was beautiful; soaring, anthemic - exactly what you'd expect a top single to be, whether the stripped back acoustic version or the full on 1812 overture crescendo! I wasn't too familiar with Rufus' work, but he has the most amazing pure vocal, it's truly gorgeous.

The other interesting aspect was the different approaches of Guy and fellow hit songmaker, Diane Warren. Guy has very strict rules: Not over 4 minutes and very structured in terms of what you can and can't do. Whereas Diane was very much - do what feels right, make it up as you go along. Which proves the case for all creative writing - there are no wrong or right ways, you just need to find your audience.

Catch the episode on i-Player if you missed it, and tune in next week to see Guy tackle a 'breakthrough' song (think Amy Winehouse and Rehab). Saturday, BBC2 9.45pm, if it's on the same time as before - do check!

Keep your ears open for a new Teena Marie album! Ralph Tee on Jazzfm played a couple of tracks on Sunday's Luxury Soul and they were straight out of Wild and Peaceful/Lady T territory, produced or co-written, I think, with Ronnie Macnair.

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