Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Strictly Come Dancing Snippets

Pippa Middleton-for-Strictly rumours are in full flow - a five figure sum offered. I can't see it, can you? Anita Dobson though, is more than possible, and, twice as likely, So You Think You Can Dance winner Matt Flint, teaming up with Sir Brucie - that's a duet I'd love to see.

Len Goodman knocked Anton Du Beke into 2nd spot in a charity golf match hosted by John Inverdale.

Lucky Claire was guided around the dance floor by Vincent Simone and tells us all about it ... in five pages!


  1. Definitely can't see Pippa Middleton taking part, but I agree Anita Dobson is much more likely.

    I knew Brucie was a good golfer, but had no idea Anton played - yet another similarity between them! Lol :o)

    Mesmerised by Wimbledon at the moment - can't beleive Federer is out! I watched him playing at centre court on Saturday and he looked in great form. Shame.

  2. I keep meaning to watch but I'm easily distracted - I know Murray's through and Sharapova but other than that I'm totally out of it!