Saturday, 4 June 2011

So You Think You Dance - Semi Final!

Cat's raided Sisco's wardrobe again! Big, uptempo opening number, not giving away who's dancing with who!

Five routines each! Five! Tough - that's a dancer's life, says Nigel. Arlene tells potential contestants for next season - go for it, one evicted dancer has been called for audition in the West End, following her performances on the show.

Judges comments on the semi-finalists: Kirsty - loveable, revelation in Argentine Tango and rumba, dark horse. Matt - chameleon, cute little package, personality and technique. Katie - a pleasure to watch, owns technique. Luke - exciting, raises his game every week, consistent. Bethany Rose - hungry, best technique of the girls. Lee - eccentric, weird and wonderful.

Brand new partnerships tonight and first out are Lee and Bethany Rose, with an Artem futuristic Cha Cha a la Ga Ga. WOW - superb routine, full of attitude, I saw enough cha cha within the theme to satisy me, plenty of tricks and basics, stunning!

Nigel said Lee was so strong and Bethany sensational. Arlene said Lee fizzled like champagne, it had a wow factor. Louise loved Lee's masculinity and said Bethany had everything working. Sisco told Lee he always delivers and Bethany was so convincing.

Solos: Kirsty, a sultry blend of contemporary and a little hip hop! Luke, his usual powerhouse performance.

Matt and Katie, Contemporary Mandy Moore and "the hardest dance of the series" - a double WOW, the height in that throw/lift at the start! Total eclipse of the heart, mind, body, spirit and soul - phenomenal performance from both, lyrical and emotive and that incredible flying leap from Katie into Matt's arms, stunning. Jeez, I'm exhausted too. How fantastic was that?
Louise said emotional and tremendous, Matt with great sense of style, Katie so beautiful. Nigel said Mandy excelled herself, both delivered.Arlene said she needs them both tonight and next week. Sisco called Matt technically fearless and he hates him; Katie is fearless, beautiful and breathtaking.

Solos: Bethany Rose with a beautiful lyrical piece, really upped her game. Lee, creative and bendy, definitely eccentric!

Luke and Kirsty and a Bill Deamer Broadway "swing with a Charleston rhythm" - another scorching hot routine delivered brilliantly, although Kirsty was a little behind Luke at times, her personality made up for it.
Sisco called it amazing, living and wanted to join them. Louise praised Luke's timing and Kirsty's characterisation.

Solos: Katie - confident and sassy.Matt - nice finish, great timing, loving the Happy Feet reference.

In respect of the solos, Arlene felt that Kirsty needs finesse; Matt is Fred, Gene and Flint; Bethany skims, so light; Katie gives you chills; Lee is werid and quirky. Sisco said every dancer proved themselves.

The Boys group dance - Paso Doble by Katya and Klaus, I'm excited already watching the training. Passion and power and hopefully topless. Oh, yes. And decent, proper music morphing seamlessly into the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. It's stunning, absolutely brilliant, best Paso I've seen in years. Everything perfect, attitude, attack, power, lines, delivery. Arlene said it had it all, delicious Spanish lines and fearless Lee, feisty Matt and Luke the Prince of Passion. Nigel said the Billy Eliot days of dads wanting their boys to be boxers are over!

The Girls with a Mandy Moore Contemporary. It's snowing. It's lyrical, elegant, lovely arm shaping and a beautiful routine. Another standation. Nigel called it beautiful and said Kirsty showed the required technique; Arlene called Bethany phenomenal and they all agree it'll be wrong to let one of them go tonight.

Louise said we've a tough job choosing (no, I've favourited Matt all through!) because everyone was brilliant. Sisco gives into his feelings and declares his favourite dance the Paso Doble Woof Woof...

Onto the results, opening with a Bill Deamer explosive Proud Mary 60s inspired routine - and you can't tell the girls apart with the speed the wigs (how did they stay on?) The leap by Katie to Matt in the recap still makes me catch my breath.

The one girl safely through is ... Kirsty! Could see that coming, leaving the judges with the choice they didn't want to make, Katie v Bethany. The one guy safely through is ... Matt!! Yippee!

Solos and Katie has a sight slip; Luke a more desperate performance; Bethany, quirky; Lee more eccentricity. The judges animated, while Glee's Matthew Morrison (Mr Schue) sings We've Got Tonight. *Channels Sue Sylvester* You think you can come over here and wrap us round your little finger wearing a frazzled hedgehog for hair ...and you do!

Nigel speaks: Girls, would like to have seen you both in the final but it's the public who decide and Bethany, you'll be leaving us (I thought she'd done enough tonight). Boys, we're unanimous, both unique, we love both, but leaving us is Lee.

So there we have it, the finalists are: Matt and Luke; Katie and Kirsty. And, guesting next week, the amazing all singing, all dancing Jennifer Lopez!

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