Sunday, 12 June 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: The Final!

I'm sure you're all well aware that our favourite dancer is the wonderful and stylish tap dancer Matt Flint (which I think has been pretty obvious from very early on!) So how did he make it so last night?

From the opening Pop Jazz Don't Stop Me Now with its aerial beginning, full of passion and energy, Matt pitched into a Jazz routine with Katie, looking very New Romantic, very Adam Ant (Cat agreed, I thought it was just me!) Dynamic, fluid and strong, both of them. Nigel concurred, Arlene called it a retro pleasure, Louise said Matt was different and quirky and Katie full of fire, while Sisco called them awesome and amazing.

Luke and Kirsty impressed with a Contemporary, almost uptempo routine considering the slow song, not as slick but more raw which added to the appeal. Louise tells Kirsty she's getting better and better and Luke that his flexibility is amazing; Sisco calls Luke a true survivior and found Kirsty's vulnerability appealing; Nigel was a little disappointed in comparison with last week; Arlene calls Kirsty honest and tells Luke he walks on air.

The solos and Katie looked a little tired, unsurprisingly, whereas Matt confirms what we all know in our hearts, tap dancing to Nina Simone, musicality, cheekiness, style, energy - just supreme. Kirsty is more inspiring in her VT if I'm honest, but a solid solo; Luke dabbles with a bit of hip hop amongst the gymnastics.

Matt takes Kirsty onward with a dreamy American Smooth foxtrot, his arms are gorgeous, lovely lines. Arlene says he's mastered the dance with grace and style, swing and sway and said Kirsty nailed the heel turn; Louise called it true romance; Sisco praised the commitment, heart and soul; Nigel said they had a beautiful connection, very special.

Katie and Luke follow wth a slick Artem created tango, very stylish and well presented, both held the intent, great timing. Arlene said they seduced her heart; Nigel said they didn't, not sharp enough; Sisco called it sexy, mysterious and enchanting; Louise called it dark and passionate.

Turns out Luke can tap dance - so they give him and Matt a Broadway tap dance to Putting on the Ritz. Fantastic routine by Bill Deamer, so entertaining, full of pizazz, spot on finish. Luke lost timing a couple of times but to keep anywhere near Matt was stunning. My typing might go off a bit here, because I just leapt out of my chair as Jenson Button overtook Vettel to win the Canadian GP - after six pit stops!! My hands are still shaking .... anyway, where was I? Nigel said they swapped styles in the middle; Arlene said it razzle dazzled with elegance; Louise said it doesn't get much better than this (rumours she'll be presenting Masterchef next series are being strongly denied) Sisco said it was great to see Matt in his element and Luke sailing away.

Katie and Kirsty's Broadway routine by Karen Bruce to Defying Gravity isn't the tidiest but is one of the happiest and I loved it. Full of joy in the movement. Sisco loved it; Louise tells Kirsty she lives and breathes it and Katie performed every bit and more; Arlene said Katie has a softness and appeal and Kirsty says everything about a girl who wants to dance; Nigel called them beautiful and said they both dance from the heart.

That was the main show, on to results with the Top 20 returning to a Party Poppers in the House Mandy Moore routine with our final four making an appearance towards the end. The judges choose their fave routines for the series - the boys Paso, Matt and Charlotte's Broadway (Lou); Matt and Katie's Contemporary, the boys Jazz routine (Arlene). Sisco loved the contestants growth and called them all inspirational; Nigel loved the boys' jazz routine and Bethany Rose in Kiss of the Spider Woman - everyone, at some point. And he said the true winner was dance!

We're losing two - first out, Kirsty! I'm surprised, I thought she might be closest to Matt. She's very sweet and so inspiring. Second out - Katie! Nigel was right, it's between the boys but first, it's Jennifer Lopez and another aerial appearance, complete with seatbelt, now she's On The Floor. Is she live? A bit of both, I think. What a star!

The Moment of Truth or, confirmation of what I've thought all along but didn't dare say out loud in case I put the mockers on - Matt wins! Now to hunt down all his routines on Youtube!

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