Tuesday, 10 May 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: Upside Down

Bright and bouncy opener to You Can't Stop The Beat, courtesy of Karen Bruce - Matt the tapper a standout with some floor work; he must be due some hip hop soon!

Danielle and Luke reap the benefit of a Karen Hardy Paso Doble, who totally gave herself carte blanche in the creative stakes! An impressive start, intense, Luke especially strong, best I've seen him - terrific Spanish lines. Danielle a little soft in the arms - a crazy headbanger move! Music was rubbish though, so didn't engage me as much as I'd have liked, but the routine itself was stunning.

Arlene said: We have lift off ... at last, you're connecting.

Nigel said: Fiery, pasionate, choreography fabulous.

Bethany Rose and Israel have Contemporary, with some brilliant spins into Israel's arms, he's much more confident, a moving and believable routine, their best yet.

Nigel said: Courage you find in each other is obvious; simply stunning.

Sisco said: Bethany, fearless, honest, technically amazing. (Not so complimentary about Israel, whose mum yells: He's come so far!)

Alice and Charlie with a Kenrick Hip Hop in a secret agent assault course. Again with not so catchy unmemorable music, will cost. Alice great but Charlie, it pains me to say it, seemed to flag a little at the end, I was expecting more.

Sisco said: Alice, you killed it!

Arlene said: Mr Chalk and Mrs Cheese, one ahead and one behind the music meant no synchronisation.

Katie and Lee C, a Jazz number by Sean Cheesman. A real allsorts mix, some I lliked, some I didn't. Katie sometimes sassy, sometimes ungainly. Lee not so noticeable.

Louise said: Slick and professional Katie; Lee struggled.

Arlene said: My love affair with Katie Love continues.

Katrina and Tom have a Karen Hardy Quickstep to Let Me Entertain You, brilliant choreography again by Karen, utilising their ballet and tap skills to great effect. Footwork, rhythm, personality and fun all the way!

Nigel said: I didn't like the genres being mixed.

Arlene said: Katrina, you rise to every challenge, best top line I've seen, so fleet of foot.

Louise said: If I was watching at home, I'd be happy and smiling watching you.

Kirsty and Lee B and a Simeon Oysea Lyrical Hip Hop. A damn good effort, although her outfit is awful and very distracting. A little out of time in places, Kirsty struggled up from the floor work, but enjoyable.

Sisco said: Commitment and honest chemistry.

Arlene said: Dull, dull, triple dull.

Rithy and Shane, Commercial by Sean Cheesman. Both so fluid, no doubting the techniques, awesome drape lift, very stylised - maybe too much for primetime?

Arlene said: Rithy could dance the telephone directory. No, I know, it makes sense when you're talking about singing, not so much with the dancing ...

Charlotte and Matt and Dance of The Night and quite possibly the series. If the judges were scoring, this would be the first 10! Broadway, right up their 42nd Streets, a Bill Deamer routine to Sing Sing Sing - can't ever fail with that - it's fast, classy, it's got style, beautifully executed, fun, just awesome all round! Charlote reminds me of Vera Ellen; Matt of Gene Kelly. They should go out On The Town. Now. Before the magic dust wears off.

Nigel says: The embodiment of all those wonderful couples.

Arlene said: Speed of footwork, dynamic, control and rhythm.

A strange upside down night, as the title says: My fave dancers didn't impress so much, apart from Matt and Katrina, and the routines by my least faves were delivered with panache. I fear for Charlie and Rithy.

The Results: 1st group - Katie and Lee; Danielle and Luke; Bethany and Israel, all safe, leaving Charlie and Alice in danger. 2nd group - Kirsty and Lee B; Katrina and Tom; Matt and Charlotte, all safe - it is Rithy and Shane again. It's the kiss of death but I want to keep Rithy and Charlie.

Solos - Rithy with the same attitude, same solo as before - may count against her. Shane is awesome, this will be really tough for the judges. Alice, contemporary, much as expected. Charlie the only one truly exciting me. The judges deliberate while we watch The Wanted. Is it compulsoiry that they all have to have coathangers in their jumpers? Or is it my widescreen telly? *taps toes; sings along*

Nigel speaks: Ladies, it's tough but Alice you don'se seem to be making a mark and Rithy, you need to get yourself adopted to up your voting numbers. We say farewell to Alice.

Gents - Shane, you're not connecting with the audience, fabulous technique, incredible dancer. Charlie, incredible personality, chamring little scamp, wish we could mix you both together. But Charlie, you're not growing as quickly as we'd like and it is a dancing competition, so we have to let you go with our best wishes. *Sobs - my second favourite boy* Gutted.

And ooooh, shock announcement: FOUR will leave next week. I may have to restrict myself to just Matt and Katrina from now on, it'll be far too close.

Advice to them all: Sleep - eat well - rehearse - LIVE!

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