Tuesday, 3 May 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: Round Two

A Mandy Moore opener to River Deep, Mountain High with, surprise, surprise – a wedding theme! Louise appears to have raided Sisco’s wardrobe ...

Same partnerships as last week, with the exception of Stephanie and Gianluca, who lost their original partners and are now paired together.

Matt and Charlotte start us off with a Jazz number by Mandy Moore; it’s all about the cane, which they don’t drop! Dancing to Relax – power, attitude, sharp, completely different to last week – brilliant! Especially since Charlotte had taken a nasty bump to the head and had to check herself out of hospital! #heroine

Nigel said: Everything you could wish for to kick the show off.

Lee and Katie with a Contemporary piece by new-to-the-show, Katrin Hall. It’s passionate and fluid. Katie quietly powerful; Lee more raw and effective, an excellent match.

Louise said: Fluid, smooth. Lee sizzled, a perfect partnership.

Sisco said: Lee, you lived, so fearless. Katie, beautiful, organic dancer.

Kirsty and Lee B and a Bollywood number, with Move Like Michael Jackson finalist Ash Mukherjee choreographing. There’s plenty of action going on, a fun number without the emotional depth of last week, not as effective but well done.

Arlene said: Kirsty, the temptress from the temple; Lee needs to get in it.

Bethany Rose and Israel, a Simeon Oysea Hip Hop, with skateboards. Good effort by Bethany but Israel didn’t make the impact he should have in his own genre. Simeon’s choreography usually excites but it wasn’t translated as well as it should have been.

Arlene said: More fun queuing for petrol.

Stephanie and Gianluca with a Cha Cha by Katya Virshilas, a lot more dynamic for them this week, connection and energy, good performance. Just wish they’d use music I know though, would help to engage more.

Arlene said: Gianluca didn’t have a clue about the cha cha but brought the Latin spirit, phwoar!

Nigel said: Stephanie brought everything she needed to.

Katrina and Tom and a Karen Bruce Broadway to Footloose and it’s all go, Katrina’s flying again. Tom full of personality, handled the fantastic lifts well.

Arlene said: Tom has the personality of a pumpkin! (I must like pumpkins!)

Nigel said: Katrina had so much energy. Tom much improved.

Alice and Charlie with an American Smooth waltz by Katya, to Three Times A Lady. Fast becoming one of the best partnerships, so together, so endearing, so engaging, a little bit stiff but Charlie’s posture is excellent.

Nigel said: I hope William and Kate’s waltz was as beautiful as that.

Arlene said: It was all shades of wrong but oh so right.

Rithy and Shane, Hip Hop by Supple - to Mozart! With a Charlie Chaplin/Policeman theme, very creative, very inventive, I loved it. Full of fun, tight, just one little slip, quickly recovered.

Sisco said: Not enough funk but commitment to the characters.

Arlene said: Rithy a star storyteller.

Danielle and Luke with a Commercial by Sean Cheeseman, which just didn’t appeal I’m afraid. Not musical enough and it’s a dance show, if there’s no musicality they lose me. A lot of posturing, though a good dynamic between them, gelled better this week.

Arlene: I wanted a sexy show and I got it!

Nigel: Not knocked out; felt a little fake.

Nine couples danced, five were voted for (again!) Onwards to the results ... first four, assuming one couple in danger but, ooh, naughy Cat – sends them all safely through: Katie and Lee; Charlotte and Matt; Katrina and Tom; Israel and Bethany! Three out of my five!

In the next group, Danielle and Luke and Kirsty and Lee B are called safely – not good, means one of my fave couples are in the danger zone. Alice and Charlie are safe – it’s Rithy and Shane in the bottom two with Gianluca and Stephanie. A little bit shocked, thought it would be Israel and Bethany. I’m not so fussed out of the two boys, but I don’t want to see Rithy leave.

Stephanie leads off the solos with a jumpin’ jive to Proud Mary; Gianluca another strong contemporary piece; Rithy, full of attitude – should take it, going by overall comments so far; Shane, altogether more dynamic than Gianluca – and he got his shirt off.

Blue sing their Eurovision song *keeps an open mind* ... but the usual Eurovision affliction of No Hummable Memorable Chorus or Tune, just all backing track with words over the top of it. There’s always next year ... again.

Decision time for Nigel: We didn’t feel as though three of you danced for your lives ... split 2-2 over the girls, production choose Rithy, citing Stephanie’s lack of connection with the public. Unanimous for the boys, though neither deserves to be bottom two. Again, Gianluca didn’t connect, whereas Shane danced for his life.

Stephanie and Gianluca leave us tonight.

Am I the only one hoping they do away with the Commercial genre? Really not getting it ...

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