Sunday, 29 May 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: Quarter Final Week

First of all though, I’m gutted I missed last week (bloomin’ holidays) and my fave girl, Katrina, went out! And I was too late for I-Player and I can’t even find videos for the whole show on Youtube! So, from what I can make out on the BBC highlights video, Katrina and Tom had a salsa and jazz numbers, Israel and Bethany with contemporary and Charleston, Matt and Charlotte, a disco and contemporary, Kirsty and Lee, Broadway and Hip Hop with Katie and Luke having a jazz and a Viennese Waltz.

BBC Youtube – why can’t you put all of them on there? Plus my internet is a complete pain in the aris, so the four vids I have found have taken me an hour to watch! *grumble grumble*
Matt and Charlotte’s contemporary was stunning. Hauntingly effective, beautifully delivered gorgeous choreography; Bethany and Israel’s contemporary was in fact a lyrical hip hop, which, whilst emotive and well danced, didn’t have the musicality and energy for me I expect from hip hop; Katie and Luke are a lovely partnership, well suited to the VW, fantastic movement, fluid and a gorgeous routine from current Strictly Come Dancing champ, Artem Chingvintsev; Kirsty and Lee grapple manfully with a Hip Hop, a fine effort, although neither of them ‘lived it’ as Sisco would say. And so I don’t even get to see what Katrina did or didn’t do so well that sees her out of the competition!

Moving on then, back to normal this week except we’re voting for individuals from now on in! They’ve been split into brand new partnerships, plus there are solos and group dances.

Katie and Israel with a Tyce Diorio Broadway to Roxy from Chicago and I’m lovin’ their attitude and timing, great partnership, very stylish routine.
Nigel said: I loved the style ...really proud of Israel’s growth in the competition and Katie is every inch a star.
Sisco said: Israel, you looked like a jazz dancer, you morphed into character.

Solos: Bethany Rose – bit frantic, lots of hairography; Luke – strong, powerful, fluid.

Charlotte and Lee and a Mandy Moore Contemporary – there’s a lot of trust evident, timing out a little, emotionally together. Charlotte did overdo the face a bit and it didn't grab me as much as it should have.
Louise said: Lee, you danced your way through each and every performance.
Arlene said: Lee B, stands for better and better!
Nigel said: I didn’t believe in it.

Solos: Kirsty, a bubbly number, well suited to her; Matt – tap dancing to Stevie Wonder? Works for me! “Tap makes me happy” Inspired by little penguins.

Bethany Rose and Luke and a Simeon Oysea Hip Hop which has great attitude but the timing is out, Luke awesome but Bethany struggled.

Sisco said: Luke, phenomenal, a great example of a professional dancer, convincing. Bethany, so thrown away, less complaining next time.
Louise said: I loved the energy, the buzz, Luke spot on, Bethany at times not fast enough.
Arlene said: Luke – Olympic; Bethany - popcorn exploding.

Solos: Katie – accomplished, sharp, falls really well; Israel – the timing and energy of hip hop gets me every time.

Kirsty and Matt – Rumba?! Oh, crikey ... Jaci and Chris on hand ... and oh, crikey – not only can he tap, Matt’s also got Hips and knows how to use them! Aye Carumba, sexy , sway, emotive – they nailed everything!
Nigel said: Sensual, terrific, hips, sway (and pervs after Kirsty.)
Arlene said: Kirsty – loved the technique.
Sisco said: Extremely sexual, both stunning, Matt every choreographers dream.

Solos: Charlotte, fast and fun, spinning like a mad spinney thing; Lee – B for bendy, very watchable.

Girls Group dance, a Sean Cheesman Jazz – they all blurred a bit for me there, apart from Katie who seemed more composed, although, according to Louise, the standouts were Kirsty and Bethany, feeling the sexiness.

Mandy Moore choreographs a Jazz for the boys and it’s brilliant – and all four are brilliant, with a very Michael Jackson inspired routine, strong, sharp, fantastic movement and blending together. Nigel said every single one was excellent, his fave routine in both series so far!

The Results!
Group dance by Katrin Wall to Rolling in the Deep and it’s amazing how they all let themselves go when there’s safety in numbers, fantastically styled, all very smooth and confident.

Matt, Kirsty, Luke and Katie all safe.

Girls in the danger zone – Bethany Rose’s solo is much the same and Charlotte is impassioned but I think it’ll be Charlotte going unless the judges feel that Bethany isn’t connecting with the public, second week at the bottom.

Boys in the danger zone – Israel still does hip hop but slower and it’s fab; Lee didn’t capture me as much but I think his overall performances may take it from Israel.

The Black Eyed Peas tell us not to stop the party while the judges deliberate.

Over to Nigel: Bethany, for some reason you’re not connecting ... you were best in the girls routine tonight. Charlotte – the vote was split tonight and I choose you to leave, you just need to grow in technique.

A real shame for Charlotte, because her routines with Matt have been the best throughout this series.

Back to Nigel: Israel, the entire panel agreed on you having the greatest journey, amazed at your development – but we’re unanimous that’s it’s your turn to leave us.

Semi Final next week! Matt versus Luke versus Lee; Katie versus Kirsty versus Bethany Rose!

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