Sunday, 15 May 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: Four the love of dance ...

Sisco appears to be embracing Eurovision tonight's Livage, darling.

Charlotte and Matt draw Lindy Hop, and I have to say, they're being jolly lucky I think, this will also suit them both, although oh-oh, hello Ryan Francois, love of frantic big lifts ... no need to worry, it's another WOW! They nail it again, the feel, the technique, these two really get it, full of energy and pizazz, so quick, so on it.

Nigel said: I'm exhausted just watching you, showed your passion and love of dance. Will be measuring everyone by you tonight.

Arlene said: It's just a short lindy hop to Hollywood.

Danielle and Luke have Lyrical Hip Hop by Kenrick, it's looking good in rehearsals, an excellent job I thought, coping well, full of emotion. Well done.

Sisco said: I loved the commitment of the characters; dramatic and sincere.

Arlene said: Luke, you are in it to win it, best I've seen you.

Israel and Bethany Rose, with a Sean Cheesman Commercial and it's by far the best Commercial, Bethany is fantastic - as the character of Black Widow with Israel her prey, he didn't stand a chance! And he totally showed why he made it through into the top 20, easily his best showing to date, superstrong performances from both.

Arlene said: Israel, you found your technique and expression.

Nigel said: You completely changed my mind about spiders ... on a par with the first couple.

Rithy and Shane teamed with Tyce Diorio for a Contemporary, which was beautifully executed but sadly didn't excite me, bit too much posiness. Bit gutted for them, they needed something bright and catchy.

Nigel said: Nicely danced but ... not sure.

Sisco said: A stripped performance, showed what you can do. Rithy, every week you show a different dimension.

Katie and Lee C, a Karen Bruce Broadway, and Katie is right back in it for me, personality and enjoyable routine. Lee more of a foil, not as sharp as he could be but great fun overall.

Arlene said: The worst I've seen Katie, have you lost your spirit?

Nigel said: A bit bland, Lee holding Katie back.

I think the judges were a little harsh, Katie and Lee are a good team but do need the split for Katie to grow.

Katrina and Tom draw Hip Hop again! Supple choreographs and it's a good try and enjoyable, full of energy considering Tom hadn't been able to train till Thursday. Not as sharp maybe, but Katrina is excellent.

Louise said: Katrina, you even had the head move going there *demonstrates*

Sisco said: Good and bad ... brave choreography.

Nigel said: Can we stop with the armography though, it's getting on my nerves.

Kirsty and Lee B pull a blinder with the Argentine Tango by Leonardo ... surname too long and disappeared too quickly! Thought it could suit with their connection and boy, does it. Oh, yes. Perfect music, passionate and intense.

Louise said: Lee, you bored into her soul.

Arlene said: Epic, edge of the seat action.

Nigel said: I felt it.

I thought they were going to split the voting to individuals, but they didn't. We could end up with a shock bottom six here.

The Results Show: The group dance brings an art gallery to life, courtesy of Tyce and Born This Way. A good showing from all there, the pressure off.

First group and in the danger zone - Rithy & Shane; Katie & Lee C. Bethany & Israel and Matt & Charlotte both safely through.

Second group and in the danger zone - Danielle & Luke. Katrina & Tom and Kirsty & Lee B both safely through.

Ok, well, phew - my faves through anyhow. Gut feeling before solos? Katie and Luke to be saved. Can't see the judges saving Rithy and Shane, clearly not enough support; Lee has not impressed them enough and only an incredible solo will give the nod to Danielle over Katie's past performances.

Rithy a lot more dynamic and fightability - is it enough to save her? Shane not the same intent as last week. Katie also doesn't wow me, does seem to be lacking the desire - opens the door for Danielle? Lee C with my favourite solo, energy, attitude but it won't be enough, the judges have clearly marked him as the weakest. Danielle does a bit too much prancing, hands it back to Katie. Luke completely does enough to oust Shane.

We watch Jessie J while the judges deliberate (don't think it'll take much) Ok, now what would we call this look? Liberace meets Aguilera? Cher Lloyd must be gutted that Jessie chose to breakthrough right after X-Factor. Is she sponsored by Timex?

Here we go, says Cat...

Nigel: Rithy, a lot of energy in the solo but third time at the bottom means you are the first girl to go. Danielle, terrific technique but we're searching for the passion; Katie, we believe you've been held back but the solo not outstanding. Danielle, you're the second girl to leave us.

We're unanimous in our decisions tonight: Shane, as with Rithy, third time at the bottom means you're the first guy to go. Lee, great stuff in the solo but it's not translating to other routines; Luke, you're the only guy who danced for his life tonight so Lee, you're our second guy leaving.

So there we have it, our Top Ten:
Katie; Charlotte; Katrina; Kirsty and Bethany Rose are your girls.
Matt; Luke; Lee B; Tom and Israel are your guys. And they'll all be shaken up next week!

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