Sunday, 24 April 2011

What they said about Figure Ground and Light Vessel 21...

“It’s about the sights and emotions and seeing the bits in between” – Hil, High Halstow. Hil was the lovely lady who kept us fed and watered at the refreshment table as we meandered around the ship, so a huge “Thank You” for that, Hil :-)

“A very good idea to preserve a bit of history; the whole concept is creative” – Joyoti, Calcutta (left). Joyoti is taking a well earned holiday from helping India’s street kids in Calcutta, where he is also involved in running an amateur community radio station.

“A tester piece for artists and LV21 to have bigger installations ... use your head and heat to respond to the space. How to react ... not just an exhibition, it was how the collaborations work and where to go next!” – Jon Adams, artist.

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