Saturday, 16 April 2011

So YouThink You Can Dance, Week One: Just For Fun!

It's just for fun cos no-one, no-one, is going home tonight! They're letting us get to know them first, whoop! So it's a major league group number by Mandy Moore up first, to Please Don't Stop The Music; it's crisp, tight, brilliant, big big smiles all round - Matt the Tapper stood out I'm pleased to say.

Jazz number for Shane, Bethany Rose, Luke and Katie to Wake Me Up Inside - highwires, dark, dramatic, passionate, sexy vampires. "Set the standard flying high" - Arlene

Lee C, Contortion Charlie, Richy and Israel Hip Hop to .... The Archers!!!? Ha, a mash up with It's Like That. They had the moves and the comic characters, great job, well worked together. "Must be like Nigel's house" - Sisco; "Hip Hop and theatre merging together" - Louise

Danielle, Stephanie, Katrina and GianLuca have contemporary to Bridge Over Troubled Water, Fluid and together, emotional, played to all their strengths. "Uplifting" - Nigel

Broadway - Tappers Tom and Matt; Paige, Cur-Lee B and Charlotte, another mash up, recognising Anything Goes. Fantastic tapping, I think we're (me, Monkseal, Nigel) are all agreed: they needed a showcase on their own - not really fair on the other three.

Kirsty, Ryan and Alice, a jazz number to Crazy and Ryan stole it for me, don't understand the judges comments, singling him out later, thought he looked pretty impressive. "A bit too smiley" - Louise. They were aiming for the emotion of the song - Crazy!!

Boys versus girls to finish! Contemporary for the Boys to It's A Man's World, Sarah Boulter choreography and she gets their shirts off them! The women of Britain would hereby like to thank Sarah Boulter for her services to the sistahood. Lovin' the spotlights, the attitude, the machismo, stunning. "Bodylines; lighting; camerawork; excellent choreography" - Nigel

Kevan Allen choreographs a jazz number for the girls, Fighter, didn't have the same impact for me - but it seems these routines have been aimed very particularly at a definite market! Rithy still the only girl standing out, not the trained technique, more raw and living it. "It's all about the legs" - Arlene.

Cat puts the judges on the spot; who's hot, who's not? Sisco declines - let's give them another week! But the others single out Danielle and the Bridge Over Troubled Water contemporary as their faves; Ryan, Shane, Tom, Luke, Paige and Charlotte need to work harder. We're off and running!

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