Saturday, 2 April 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: Week Two Auditions

And we begin with the weirrrrrdest dancer ever ... Charlie Wheeler, contortionist break dance! Being contemporary and ballet trained he gets away with it! 'It' being weird but fantastic, we have to see what else he can do, he's so ... so ... unique, that's the word, thank you Nigel. Stunning. Exciting. Arlene reckons kind of special. Louise is intrigued, Sisco gives a reality check - could be a circus legend - it's a Golden Ticket!

"A bright bouncing bobbly kid" - Arlene

More Golden Tickets: Bethany Hanson, her secone time around, being number 21 last year. A mixture of styles not to my liking, didn't find her particularly musical. Regan, Danielle, Megan, Shane, Daniel Ovel - sure we've seen him before, in Move Like Michael Jackson.

Ryan Jenkins through, contemporary, emotive, all his family history in that. Lyrical, strong, beautiful lines and spins. Some almost popping and locking moves in there. A yes from Nigel, magnificent lines, brilliant, bringing every emotion and technique, looking forward to seeing a happy dance! A Golden Ticket from Arlene, a tear from Dad, a tear from Ryan, a tear from me. What a wuss.

"Bringing every emotion and technique" - Nigel

Ben Woods, body popper, practising in the shadows, groovy, great timing and musicality, cheeky, The male version of Flashdance, says Arlene, adorable. One of those people you want to do well, says Louise. Callbacks for him, choreography may be an issue.

"Incredible musicality, keep it driving through." - Arlene

JJ & James, popping, locking, breaking ... and Morris Dancing, lol. Let's Groove, loving the hanky work, both through, just. Sophie Cook, lyrical jazz contemporary fusion mixture, quite hard lines, not musical enough for me but she gets a callback.

Fernando Rivero, acrobatic contemporary, former Spanish world champion gymnast. Great timing, with an Olga Korbut moment at the end - but not enough dancing! A split vote gets him through! Cue Abba ...

"Rhythm, feeling and charm" - Arlene

Scott Rayson - I'm not sure he isn't my dentist. Martial arts meets dad dancing, shocking posture, lyrical hands but no ... Sisco got the giggles. Unusual says Arlene. He's had a lovely day. Mary Swift begins with hairography and Nigel's left the panel. Who told her she could dance? Rightly, Nigel says it loses the integrity for the real dancers. Take it to BGT, where they'll put you through. Age is immaterial; they're both rubbish.

Callback results: Body popper Ben doesn't make it through but is offered a free masterclass by Sisco. Lee the Tapper also misses out; JJ and James and Sophie all make it. Fernando was on it! First time ever in choreography, stormed it! Auditions are finito!

Choreography Camp #1 - Solos: The ones they thought would be top are dropping down ... three let go already!

Hip Hop routine by Simeon, Alexandra Burke joins the judging panel and eleven more are cut! We're down to 56! Three routines left for next week before we find out the Top Twenty!

"There was magic in the room" - Alexandra

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