Saturday, 30 April 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: This time it’s for real!

Apologies for the lateness of this posting, I’ve been playing catch up all week!

The first of the real nerves will be apparent tonight, as one boy and one girl will be leaving! And already the first two are on dancing on quicksand, as the lasers generally steals the show. It’s a Commercial number for Ryan and Stephanie by Paul Domain, a mix of jazz and street, pop video style. Steph impressed more than Ryan, whose transitions between moves were pretty obvious and it all needed more dynamism.

Sisco said: I thought they did brilliantly with what they were given, choreography was at fault! Ooh, controversial – but I tend to agree.

Matt and Charlotte draw a foxtrot and give it the “what’s a foxtrot?” look. Personally, I think this’ll be perfect for Matt and it turns out to suit them both. Shades of Camilla Dallerup in Charlotte, with her hair flying; similar feel to Cam’s Here You Go Again choreography with Tom Chambers in Strictly. Dancing to Just The Way You Look Tonight, Jaci Stephens and Chris Marquez – although Latin hotties – give them a gorgeous floaty number, a little more rise and fall needed from Charlotte but Matt full of swing and sway, lovely pairing, easy and bright, smiley smiley performance for all. My first vote!

Arlene said: Matt’s making the foxtrot the hottest dance in Scarborough, movie star possible, so exciting.

Lee C and Katie with Lyrical Hip Hop next, by Kate Prince. Everybody is certainly starry-eyed by the end, Katie was completely fabulous, full of personality and nailed all the moves, except for the one little slip off the breakfast bar, but we’ll forgive her that, especially after that amazing off the table spin into Lee’s arms. Tight, together, character and feeling. Brilliant routine. Another vote!

Louise said: Acting superb, believed in your story.

Richy and Shane with a Karen Bruce Broadway themed Mr and Mrs Smith! Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend mashed into Material Girl brings about a big and brassy fabulous routine; Richy’s timing is immense; Shane the perfect Secret Agent Man! Third vote out of four ... I’ll be rescuing Britain’s economy alone if this standard carries on!

Nigel said: My favourite so far! Richy proved that hip hop dancers can do anything; Shane very strong, great job, sir!

Charlie and Alice with a Mandy Moore Contemporary and They Are Beautiful together! What Charlie lacked in technique he made up for in emotion, character, attack and charisma; Alice in her element – far classier than Rihanna and Bieber! Er, that would be my 4th vote ...

Arlene said: Alice danced beautifully; Charlie, I wish I could give you the gift of technique ... your body speaks the language of dance.

Another Mandy Moore number for Paige and Gianluca, only this time it’s a Jazz to Forget You. And unfortunately, it looked like Paige forgot some of the routine – turns out she slipped and had to improvise a fair bit, leaving Gianluca having to literally think on his feet. Great spirit but become a little messy, highlight move was Paige’s spin into the splits. Nigel pointed out the slip and applauded them for being able to carry on.

Sisco said: Clumsy Paige; solid Gianluca.

Danielle and Luke have drawn The One That No-one Wants – the Samba! Jaci and Chris on choreography duty again. For me, Luke stole it there, Danielle had to work very hard on the technique so it wasn’t as get-down-and-dirty as it should’ve been, whereas he was more dynamic.

Louise and Sisco both asked: Where was the Latin spirit?

Katrina and Tom have a Simeon Osyea hip hop: Brilliant! Loved it – what is it with ballet dancers and hip hop? (see Alex/Twitch in fave dances section!) Katrina was fantastic, the tutting, the attitude, the connection and Tom had to go some to keep up but still did a great job.
Sisco said: I hate it when people make me do this *leaps out of chair and shouts aye carumba, or something similar* He was very excited ...

Arlene said: What the competition is all about!

Kirsty and Lee B draw Sarah Boulter’s Contemporary and bring themselves into contention with me – beautiful, intense movement, lyrical, emotional – a star performance from both, both shone, great partnering.

Louise said: Kirsty brought us into the stage; Lee intriguing.

Israel and Bethany Rose are given a Karen Bruce Disco, complete with major lifts (which doesn’t actually do anything for me, I’d rather see their feet moving on the floor) but for One Night Only, I’ll happily watch Israel’s boogie woogie classic opening! The routine overall was a great spectacle, what with all the throwing around - but I want to see what else Israel can do!

Nigel said: Exuberance ... look at the happiness in the audience.

Results Show:
Big opening with a Gothic style vampish Toxic, terrifically choreographed by Beth Honan; awesome. So who’s safe: Charlotte and Matt; Katie and Lee C; Katrina and Tom; Danielle and Luke; Kirsty and Lee B; Richy and Shane; Israel and Bethany Rose; Charlie and Alice! Whoop, all my faves safely through! It’s Ryan versus Gianluca and Stephanie versus Paige. The audience seeing the same as the judges!

Stephanie’s sizzling solo samba; Ryan, a snappy semi-disco piece; Paige, acrobatic and explosive, which gets my vote over Stephanie; Gianluca , more intense contemporary solo – but think he may pinch it on past performances and judges comments.

Jennifer Hudson with a funky, bluesy Feelin’ Good, with added strings, powerful and dynamic. Considering the tragedy in her life not so long ago, she’s awesome.

Judgement time: Nigel said Gianluca was let down by his partner and Ryan wasn’t memorable; Paige, a fine fireball of talent all went away while Stephanie served it up, showed how a sexy Latin dance should be ... Paige and Ryan leave us tonight.

So who impressed? Those I’d already chosen – Matt, Israel, Charlie and Tom are now joined by Lee B, whereas the only girl I’d picked out previously, Richy, has competition now from Katie and Katrina - with honourable mentions to Kirsty, Charlotte and Alice!

Bet you can’t guess what tonight’s theme is?!

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