Saturday, 9 April 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Series 2: Choreography Camp/Top 20

The last two days, with the 58 dancers left having to master Broadway, a Group Choreography number, Contemporary and then a final solo!

The Broadway routines see them split into cool boys and sexy girls, with John Barrowman joining the panel. He's looking for characterisation, personality and showbiz more than technique.

Ryan, Tom and Luke are punchy, full of energy that doesn't flag and it earns them a standation from the panel - they're safely through to the next stage! James, Hiphop Lee and Tapper Matt, jazzy Lee and Charlie the contortionist all join them.

Over to the girls, Hip Hop Rithy, Jazzies Bethany and Megan, Ballerina Katrina and Contemporary Katie all go through. Back to the boys, Israel surprising them; Bruce needs to man up. He gets cuddles from Arlene and a masterclass on Manning Up from Sisco and John. I'm sayin' nuffin ' ... cue Rocky music. We're down to 40 already!

Sorting them out - group choreo has to be done late that night, take your groups and your music and forget sleep. Who can take the pressure: they break or ... they don't! Daniel, Bethany, Katie and Luke make the mistake of trying to be clever and the routine is pedestrian when it should have been controlled mania. "The worst piece of choreography to exciting music I've ever seen" states Nigel. They made it through, just.

Israel's choreography, on the other hand, was universally praised, he and the now manly Bruce, Megan and Gemma go through. Richy, Ryan, Kirsty and Lee all impressed, while Shane, GianLuca, Danielle and Paige produced Nigel's favourite routine. I just wish we could see all of them properly!

A Travis Wall and Nick Lazarini contemporary routine can't split the boys any more; they're all through to the solos. A couple of girls go but the majority make it through. The judges deliberate and seem pretty together on who they want; our Top 20 are:

Tapper Matt Flint; Latin Stephanie; Tapper Tom; Disco Paige; Contemporary Alice; Jazzy Shane; Jazzy Leigh; Contemporary Katie; Jazzy Luke; Disco? Kirsty; B-boy Lee; Contemporary Danielle; Contemporary GianLuca; Contortionist Charlie; Hip Hop Rithy; Ballerina Katrina; Contemporary Ryan; Jazzy Bethany Rose; Break dancer Israel.

It's hard to pick out any favourites with the tiny snapshots we've had, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Matt the Tapper, Israel and Contortion Charlie can do!

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