Sunday, 24 April 2011

Figure Ground/LV21: The Light Vessel Historical Society

Yes, I dutifully began taking notes, thinking I could use it in the Rochester People article, while also thinking I ought to be concentrating on Figure Ground ... I actually wrote “not part of Figure Ground” after the very convincing “We apologise for the noise and people, we’ve been double booked”!

The web address they gave us - - doesn’t exist. But it should do - so I took the liberty! You’ll find a short Figure Ground history of LV21 here! (Some of it may even be true!)

NB: I've since been in contact with Fiona Long, one of the contributing artists on the Lightvessel Historical Society project, alongside Steve McPherson, Sarah Britten-Jones and Katy Beinart. Please do pop over to her blog about the event and keep an eye on it, since more about the history of LV21 may well appear in the future!

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