Thursday, 21 April 2011

Figure Ground/LV21: Jane Ponsford, Endless Voyage

Jane’s idea of an endless voyage began with thoughts of how a crew member would be feeling when on board the lightship: detached, out there, in a world full of little worlds. From ships in bottles, the idea evolved to include water from the Medway, seaweed and those amazing lights, suffusing the blackened hull into an otherworldly space.

In her words: “Being on the LV21 has been a brilliant experience; an experiment with lovely people.”


  1. Hello. I stumbled upon this photo in a google search, and I really want to know what is going on here... it looks like horizontal bottles with little LED lights inside them. Are they suspended? Where is this? Can you describe the process to me? Feel free to email me at Thanks!!!

  2. Hello, you pretty much got it in one, but I'll email through with links to LV21 and Figure Ground - it was part of an art installation on a ship in Medway. If you hit the figure ground label on this post, it'll bring up more details for you :)