Sunday, 27 March 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: Auditions 1

The hunt is on again for Britain’s Favourite Dancer, as Season Two of SYTYCD gets under way – the intro clips are amazing, how tough will this be? The competitors are after £50k in cash and the chance to dance in Hollywood. More importantly, they’re after hearing the phrase “Come get your Golden Ticket” from the panel – the Not-so-nasty Nigel; Able Arlene; Lovely Louise and the Sardonic-yet-sanguine Sisco.

And first up is fantastic Matt the tapper – tapping to R’n’B – liking this already ... hat work, rhythm, style, cheekiness, athletic, creative ... liking him A Lot! Oh. Yeah. Baby. Diggin’ the sliiiiide. Arlene calls him a feast – Golden Ticket numero uno, come get it while it’s hot!

He’s followed to choreography by Samba sizzler Stephanie “hot to trot” says Louise; Contemporary Bruce; Street Daniel. Another contemporary tapper, Lee, is On Fire, according to Arlene! Lyrical and stylised Katie also straight through “a real delicacy with strength and power” says Arlene, along with the seriously musical hip hopper Rithy.

Club dancer (as in club singer, but dancer – get my drift?) Shanelle and mum Cordelle, the carnival mother and daughter – it was never going to happen, no finesse, uncontrolled and I can’t see either making it through. I’m surprised Shanelle gets the Call Back - she won’t nail a routine in the time they have - she doesn’t, mum’s not having it but they’re shown the door. Self taught Tomasz wants Cat’s job, he’s got the personality but while having the judges dancing in their seats, isn’t called back. Neither is Paulo, even with a poem for Arlene. Hannah and Andres, salsa – how fast are their feet? But not enough movement elsewhere. Hannah out; Andres called back but doesn’t make it through to choreography.

A plethora of hip hop, with Golden Tickets following the call backs for Spinning Charlotte, she’ll need to bring more though; partially deaf Kirsty, she of the fantastic energy but very traditional, club dancing – a challenge in more ways than one to make the top 20; contemporary dancer Paige, agile, emotive, a little unsteady at times but enormous potential!

My faves from this lot: Matt; Rithy; Lee. Welcome back, SYTYCD!

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