Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Let's Dance for Comic Relief Grand Final

And this year, it really is anybody's title - Rufus and Robert previously were total shoe-ins but I can't decide who I like best out of this bunch!

We've a Disco Inferno entrance and a panel of experts: Rufus Hound, last year's champion; Strictly Come Dancing nut Miranda Hart and the barmy yet brilliant Louie Spence.

Katie Price plugs her 'Vac-u-cleaner' before a better 'I Want To Break Free' performance than before, with Rufus claiming slight 'tache envy, Miranda asking for her skirt back and Louie admitting he often does the hoovering dressed like that!

James and Charlie bring a smile to my face again with Putting On The Ritz, specially Charlie, there's such joy in his dancing - they've got my vote so far. Rufus calls it tremendous, Miranda says they're lovely, they return the compliment and she's meeting them in the bar later; Louie calls it fluid and beautiful with great rhythm.

Noel has adopted the twin Kate Bush-a-likes and is rescued this time by Heathcliffe, sweeping him/her off his/her feet and away! Rufus says Bhoosh (you see, it's a ... oh, you know) Miranda was moved and Louie complimented the beautiful extensions and says it was deeply emotional.

The 80s Supergroup with Greased Lightning and yes, I was once again up on my feet and slinging a vote their way, it was full of zesty fun! That's the way it should be, say the panel, or rather: You ramalamalama'd my ding dong (Rufus) You're shipdipdipdipdowopdididiwip (Miranda) and bangabangabangadowahdiwahdiwah (Louie).

Ade and the Dying Swan dies in a much more spectacular fashion this time, with Rik dropping a one ton weight on him. Rufus states he made us all ask qustions none of us had the answers for. Miranda reminisces about their time at the Royal Ballet together and insists he's still got it; Louie says it was a pure form of dance, executed of the highest standard - a wonderful, beautiful swan.

Russell Kane and Crazy in Love is probably the favourite but he's a lot to live up to - even better than before though! Rufus is digusted that he took a pop icon and well, you wouldn't catch him doing that! He loved it of course! Miranda called it Fab-u-licous; Louis gives it some "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh ..." etc and I still wouldn't put money on who's going to win!

Results in, first out: The 80s Supergroup!! Aw, what! Katie Price; Ade Edmondson and Noel Fielding! It's Russell versus James & Charlie. And the winner(s) is/are: James and Charlie!

Kudos again to whoever wrote the VTs and well done also to Alex for stepping in so well that I didn't miss Claudia (still love ya, Clauds!) and to Steve for being pretty hot as usual. And well done to everyone who contributed to raising over ONE MILLION POUNDS! Whoop!

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