Saturday, 5 March 2011

Let's Dance for Comic Relief ... 3

On the panel tonight ... John Bishop, Jo Brand and Felix Dexter.

Comedian Marcus Brigstocke is ... the Grasscutter in the Wind Beneath - it's Kung Fu Fighting and he's surprisingly good and a visual spectacle! John reckons he's given the sale of silk pyjamas a massive boost; Jo points out it was elegant, exciting and exhausting - no argument there from Marcus; Felix liked the contrast of the aggressive nature of kung fu made feminine!

Joe Swash and Caroline Flack and the Black Eyed Peas dance My Humps - Caroline's excellent, we knew that from Dancing on Wheels, Joe outshone but great performance. John's loving the polo neck and said they're a cross between Torvill and Dean and Big Fat Gypsy Weddings; Jo said: "It was just like proper dancing ... Caroline." Felix loved Joe's doorag and applauded the use of the table without innuendo!

Ade Edmondson is The Dying Swan, really captured the feel and the passion of the moment I felt, wonderful movement around the stage and a poignant death, right up until Rik Mayall started bashing him round the head with a fying pan while looking like Sir Les Patterson's scruffy younger brother. John said he made Natalie Portman look like Ann Widdecombe; Jo was nearly turned into a real woman and Felix said he had ballet in his locker.

Lee Nelson and Omelette do Club Tropicana and well, I'm just ruined now for any other man ... or possibly scarred for life. John is staggered and thinks it's a before and after picture in Slimming World; Jo tells Omelette he's fit and Lee is scrawny, and Felix has never seen such a fine cleavage on a man.

Iain Lee is Getting Jiggy With It, he really is and a smooth transition from the shell suit to the Pharaoh, with some nifty moves. John approved of the show of solidarity with the struggle for democracy in Egypt; Jo reckons he was pleased to get the duvet off and Felix felt he took the stereotypical perception that white men have no rhythm and kicked it out the park!

The 80s Supergroup - Toyah Wilcox; Clare Grogan, Chesney Hawkes and Limahl take on Greased Lightning. I was dancing around the room, I just couldn't help myself ...woooooooaaaaaahhh Greased Lightning *outstretched arms* John was a 16 year old transported to the best party; Jo would've like to see the boys laying over the bonnet and Felix said the energy was fantastic for a combined age of 200!

Results in and out go: Iain; Lee and Omelette; Marcus!

Straight through: Ade!

Judges decision - John goes for Clare, sorry, the 80s group; Jo goes for Joe & Caroline and Felix goes for Clare, sorry, the 80s group. Final next week!

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