Sunday, 6 March 2011

Dancing on Ice, Week Eight: Team Challenge!

So we have an individual performance and then a group skate in two teams to turn the leaderboard on its head, with the winners points doubled! They all look totally unimpressed when T&D tell them. Sam and Laura are made Captain's and get to choose their team mates. Laura takes Jeff and Denise; Sam happy with Chloe and Johnson.

Mattise solo first to Alone. It's serene, great timing in the big lift, one little catch of her toe but otherwise a lovely performance, well done Denise! The nice lift I particularly liked is known as the Frog in the Wheelbarrow! Score: 15 Robin said she looked comfortable, the edges flowed and she had a great upper body in the lift; Emma said it was controlled and calm; Jason said there was marked improvement but that it was like two people playing Twister - at which point Tim Healy appeared at his side and told him: "She's 52 and got 4 jobs!" Everyone is chanting "Hit him, hit him!"

Jeffabelle and Hit The Road Jack, I was holding my breath but he nailed the lift, great interpretation of the song, really acted it out, his usual confident and smooth skating considering the earlier fall. Score: 22.5 Emma saw another side of him, strong, passionate and rhythmic; Jason liked that it played to his strengths but felt he needed more groove in his moves, solid lifts and spins; Robin commented on the difficult material in an all round, really good performance; Karen said that all the weeks came together.

Samiane going for a big lift and skating to You Raise Me Up? Did we want cheese with our lift? Oh, hang on, no - my ears - it's Crazy Love and a gorgeous routine, very tender, Sam working very hard - the Milk Tray lift I like - was there some snogging? I thought they weren't, it was all a ... ah, well, whatever. Score: 25.5 Jayne expresses surprise that they left something out and Jason picks up on it and tries to do a Sharron Davies with Sam - Karen puts him right, the choreography evolves throughout the week. He did say it had lovely tender moments yet Sam retained his masculinity. I say Jayne and Chris really need to stop believing their lap dogs. Controversial? They need to stop taking it so personally when their choreography is changed - what's the point of Samianne coming out and screwing up their entire routine with an attempt to do something they can't? Robin said the quality is brilliant, the bells and whistles aren't needed. Emma jumped on the 'how dare he change something' bandwagon and said she wasn't feeling it tonight. Karen saw the connection, as did I - and so did Jason!

Michloe skate to Empire State of Mind, stunning move to begin, nice steps, little stuttery, striking handstand, lovely end lift, her most complete performance to date. Score: 26.5 Robin reckons that was the most choreographically difficult routine for any female in the any series and it came together brilliantly; Jason agreed with me re the opening sequence and said she's on her best form; Emma said she's nearing perfection, extraordinary.

Johnseyne to You Are So Beautiful, and it is, very emotional, especially when he got the lift, I welled up and so did the audience - reminded me of that moment in ET, when his bicycle took off and bore them away to safety - the whole audience in the cinema leapt to its feet, cheering. He can only now feel his left leg? He's been in it all this time unable to feel his leg? Amazing! Score: 17.5 Robin never expected to see an overhead lift, called it a terrific performance, relaxed and comfortable; Emma can see his pushing every week and he's confident; Jason called it quite beautiful, applauded the lift and said it was very smooth.

Colaurin out last to I'm So Excited and wow, what a powerhouse routine, fantastic skating and lifts, full of personality and tricks. Score: 28.5 Highest of the series so far! Jason called it unbelievable, speed, attack with no compromise on performance or technique; Robin praised the detail we wouldn't register, transitions, hand holds, twists; Emma said we need her, brilliant.

The leaderboard so far then: Colaurin 28.5; Michloe 26.5; Samianne 25.5; Jeffabelle 22.5; Johnseyne 17.5; Mattise 15. But here come the team skates, Team Sam first, to Don't Feel Like Dancing (which doesn't have a good record in reality shows; I'm just sayin') nice synchro lifts, nice train, good balance of moves for each, some timing issues. The standing stuff is a bit naff.

Team Laura to Rocking All Over The World and Oh, Yes! They're my winners, more energy, more personality, more togetherness, much more punchy and involving. Throughly enjoyed that.

Over to the judges: Jason thought the beginning and end of Sam's a bit naff - no argument from me, but the middle was fantastic, the energy of Laura's takes his vote though; Robin went for the technically delivered skate - Team Sam. Oh, God, they've left it up to Emma - her comments are drowned out by the crowd - it's Team Laura and it's all change on the leaderboard, which now shows: Colaurin 57; Jeffabelle 45; Mattise 30; Michloe 26.5; Sam 25.5; Johnseyne 17.5. Over to the voters!

Results are in and safe - Colaurin, yay! Jeffabelle; Michloe; Samianne - the audience has finally bowed the will of the experts. It's Mattise versus Johnseyne and Denise is a little nervous, doesn't nail the lift. Johnson delivers another emotional, steady performance and it's a clean sweep for him.

Props week next week!


  1. So glad Laura and Jeff went through - loved both of their routines! :o)

    I'll be honest - I don't believe that Johnson couldn't feel his left leg up till now. If that were true he would permanently be on crutches and he certainly wouldn't be able to skate!

    Right bottom two - the other four are the strongest and Denise was weakest this week, so made sense for her to go.

    Props would be fab! Hope that's true - they do usually do it when there's five left so could be the next skill! :o)

  2. Tough call from now on for sure - would rather see Chloe go before Laura Jeff or Sam if I'm honest.