Sunday, 13 March 2011

Dancing on Ice Live Blog, Week Nine: Prop Sensations

Live music this week and Jayne and Chris accompany The Undertones to Why Do Fools Fall In Love, with a wonderfully fun rock'n'roll number, full of their customary timing and musicality!

Props and scenery to contend with this week, and Holly just nicked my heading - Top of the Props, damn her!

Samianne out first to Beggin - hat, mike stand and bar stool! Refusing to play it safe cos of what Jason said? Oh, pfffft to that Sam, don't listen to him! Hasn't Sam got a hairy chest? Perhaps that's why Jason's being such a bitch - jealous much, Jason? Loved the attitude, smooth steady skating, just one miss with the hat but nailed the exceedingly difficult and incredible lift combo. Score: 24.5 Robin said the skating was great but he dropped the hat; Emma called it effortless, suave and swaggering; Jason I'm ignoring and going straight for Phil "Hats can cause all sorts of problems, eh, Jason?" You see, Jason, now that's WIT!

Colaurin with a chair, a cane and a dressing table to Rolling in the Deep and it's Fierce! Full of fiery attitude, kept the props under control, awesome deep roll lift. Score: 25.5 They're happy and relived after that. Emma admired the control and the depth of performance; Jason was expecting more and called the butterfly jumps sad but acknowledged the great characterisation; Robin said the butterflies were more like moths but she maintained the balance in her performance. Karen made everyone aware of the blisters ...

Johnseyne with a hat, a brolly and a house front to Goodnight Sweetheart. Excellent prop work and a big lift with both of them in place. Another very sweet performance with great control. Score: 19.5 Jason reckoned the props were handled with finesse and panache, although the opening reminded him of a ridculous silent movie star, but did say it was charming; Emma called it a romantic routine and loved how he now connects with the audience. Robin said it was nice and smooth; Karen agreed it was one of his best.

Jeffabelle have two chairs and a table! We Can Work It Out and there are some WOW moves there, loving the under the table slide and the HUGE lift, toes curling as the float spin looks a bit close to the table, had to improvise with the chairs being a little tricky, but did well to keep it going! Score: 21.5 reflecting the mistakes. Robin confirmed that for every brilliant move there was something basically wrong; Jason said they were like toddlers and it was too inconsistent; Emma loved it!

Michloe have a skipping rope and hula hoop and a dance bar/mirror, skating to Only Girl in the World and maybe that this live version doesn't have the energy of the original as I found the routine a bit disjointed, nothing went wrong and there were some nice moves in there but for me it didn't really get started. Score 27. Robin said they deliver week and week. Emma thought they had the most difficult props and she hopes we all vote for them. I disagree with that about the props - apart from the hoop at the end, either Chloe or Michael were holding them all the time, there was no unpredictability like with the chairs or the hat, nowhere they could slide away from them on the ice. Jason is incredibly proud of her and said she worked the props beautifully.

Voting open - back at 9.30pm. And here we go again and even Karen's having a pop at Sam now! Anyways, safe: Johnseyne! Michloe; great, one of my faves is going tonight. Colaurin, safe, whoop! A chance for Samianne and Jeffabelle to redeem their earlier performances. And this time, both of them storm the ice, flawless performances both and on balance I'd like to keep Sam - but there doesn't appear to be the love for him in the last two weeks ... she says, as he is swept with a 3-0 result into the semi-final. Thanks for the entertainment though Jeff, it'sbeen fun!


  1. Really going to miss Jeff - I actually caught myself hoping Sam would make a mistake, that's bad isn't it :o/

    Starting to look like Chloe is going to win and that makes me fell a bit depressed to be honest. Her routine was fine, but I thought both Laura and Sam were better than her this week. I'm not sure she's capable of the emotional/acting part of the performances actually. Couldn't believe she got three 9's! Shocking!

    Wonder what the next 'big twist' is for the semi then - any inside info Scatty? What could they possibly do now! Hope it's a better twist than the voting for each other thing was!

    Come on Colin and Laura! You're my only fav left now! :o)

  2. Hot off the press Foxy (google alerts!) they've got to perform solo - but you probably saw that before me! I think that plays to Laura and Sam's strengths actually, Chloe's more spectacular moves have been the lifts with Michael, whereas Laura is much more character driven as well as competent and Sam can pack it with content. I would say I'm happier to lose Chloe or Johnson this week but she does seem to be proving popular.