Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dancing on Ice Live Blog: Semi Final - Solo can you go?

Oh, gawd - two headbangers, yikes!! What are they trying to do to us? Holly's gone all Greek and the solo spot will be scored so they can total up to 60 tonight - but the leaderboard will still effectively be 4-3-2-1!

Michloe to start, with Firework and the knee slide's a bit scrappy and it seems a bit slow? Didn't extend on the big lift, bit nervy and it's another series of disjointed tricks again, uninspiring - oh, not to mention the Big Fall! Score: 21 Robin talks her up and about the speed?? Jason thinks nerves took over, arm and leg lines not as clean; Emma thinks performance was lost because of the level of content.

Johnseyne to - I dunno the song and hearing it makes me none the wiser. This is the trouble when the show is on at tea time and our recordable dvd player doesn't work, I'm having to decipher above chatter and keep dodging from side to side, it's really not good! Another nice routine, very smooth and fluid, nice lifts. Score: 18.5 Emma loves seeing his confidence and smile; Jason called it boring, it didn't go anywhere, no pizazz; Robin said the focus on the tricks compromised performance.

Colaurin to The Last Dance - no, no, no - you just don't choose songs like that *eek* Woah - that headbanger looked closer than anything I've ever seen before! Absolutely superb, every move nailed, totally fluid, fantastic performance. Score: 28 well deserved, brilliant. But I was holding my head! Jason called it courageous, pushing the boundaries, a semi final performance; Robin disagrees - it was a final-worthy performance, transitions seamless, complete control, fantastic; it gave Emma goosebumps, it was clever and full of character.

Torvill and dance skate to Yellow, while a sand artist works, with it being projected onto the ice. Good job it's not a snow artist, that could've been quite "eeeuuww". Can you see what it is yet? It's beautiful, whatever it is, perfectly complimenting T&D's routine!

Samianne to Don't Stop the Music, Jamie Cullum style - nice moonwalk, ooooh, sexy Sam tonight and oh, what a lift - flying stag lift, amazing. Lovely lines, headbanger not quite so heart in mouth but still close and overall a great performance. Score: 28 but please don't crawl to Jason again Sam, or there'll be no vote for you. Jason told him he was back and that finally, the connection was there, beautiful control and finesse and incredible stag lift; Emma said his sparkle was back and told him not to let it slip; Robin said it was a joy to watch.

First solo is Chloe to That's Not My Name, cheerleader persona, nice basic skating, a spin, lots of jumping on the spot, not finishing with her arms though and a bit slow. Score: 20 Robin called it terrific, a great attempt with speed and attack, a little more control needed; Emma liked the attitude; Jason found it a little awkward an tentative in places but applauded the attempt. Karen called it a really big achievement, even when she went wrong she covered it up! Yes, none of us knew that Karen??!

Johnson to Don't Worry Be Harry! Ha, love it, will suit him. I'm smiling, there's a jump and twizzles, it's a little tentative but he's happy. Score: 15.5 Jason said he was worried and not happy, it was very exposed, awkward and unsteady; Emma said her baby kicked all through, so something was right! Robin would've liked a bit more but a good skate. Jodeyne is proud - he inspires her, six years ago he couldn't walk!

Laura with These Boots Are Made For Walking. She looks fab, flirty attitude, another moonwalk, lots of steps, jumps, great spin, cartwheel to finish, full of personality again. Great stuff. Score: 26.5! Emma said she's upping her game, such a confident performer; Jason is blown away, wasn't expecting to be amazed; Robin said she commanded their attention from the off and maintained it, fantastic. A standation from Colin!

Ok, I admit I'm now quite interested in seeing who Jo, the girl with the perfect smile, will choose. I'm still using Colgate though ...

Sam is being stitched up again with a move he can't master but daren't question. Superstition the song and very cleverly, they choreopgraphed some on the ice breakdancing if the hydroplane doesn't work, which it does, as it happens, so *phew* great dancing, fab movement and speed across the ice, excellent skating, effortless. Score: 27.5 puts him on top of the board. Robin called it clean and controlled with great speed. Emma was glad he had the chance to show off what he can do and Jason called it a great routine, an excellent solo skate.

So the leaderboard stands thus: Samianne 55.5; Colaurin 54.5; Michloe 41 and Johnseyne 34. Back at 9.30pm!

So here we go! Safely through - Samianne! And ... Colaurin, whoop whoop! That's my two through, no more headbanging tonight! It's a shoe in that it'll be Michloe going through, isn't it? Much as I like Johnseyne, even if Michloe fall again - which they don't, flawless that time, much better than before. I doubt even a very emotional performance like that can save them but Johnseyne have been an absolute pleasure. Jodeyne is particularly affected. I'm actually quite choked and we haven't had the decision yet. There it is, three votes for Michloe. Johnson's still happy and had the time of his life. He's just gone solo and headed towards Jason ... his arms are outstretched ... he's going for the throat ... aw, no, Jason got his hands there just in time and made it look like a handshake ...


  1. Yay - Go Laura and Colin!! Did enjoy Sam's solo skate tonight as well though :o)

    Chloe finally showed how weak she is. Apart from the spin her solo skate was painfully basic. Without Michael she just doesn't have the skill that Laura and Sam have - it'll be a travesty if she pushes one of them out of the bolero skate!!

    Have you heard Scatty? No flying this year, they're having a special routine coreographed for each of them with extra backing dancers. I must say, I'm actually quite pleased. always thought the guys were at a pretty serious disadvantage with the flying - the more skating the better for me! :o)

  2. I agree, the flying can look spectaular for the girls but a let down for the boys. Laura and Sam can skate so well it's much better for them - I hope they do both get to do Bolero.