Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dancing on Ice Live Blog: The Grand Final!

And what a start we have - the divine David Garrett, violinist, with a passionate Bolero, as the pro skaters shadow T&D's iconic moves, complete with mass descent into the volcano at the end. Stunning! Samianne; Colaurin; Michloe - all been top of the leaderboard, all been in the skate off - it's all up to us! Samiane with their showcase - Footloose and it's a WOW! That could just win it for him - full of energy, musical, personality, huge moves, plenty of action, awesome! Score: 29.5, Jason being picky. Robin says charismatic Sam showed up in abundance, very much the leader of a great ensemble; Emma called it amazing, showcased the fun and expressive performer; Jason liked the clever choreography and feisty opening. Colaurin - Express Yourself - recreating Madonna with topless male pro skaters, that won't hurt. Topless male pro skaters doing press ups secures a vote. Shallow? Moi? Laura's loving it. Tony, these days, we can have both chocolate and topless men, we don't have to choose! Emma found it hard to concentrate; Jason and Robin weren't as engaged as usual. It will be tougher than having an iconic musical number though, considering Michloe have Dirty Dancing! Michloe - Time of My Life - the theme/moves are there already, let's be honest. Liking the long dip lifts, her lines not so good though, not elegant in the lifts. Score: 25.5 Jason said it was ok but the table top lift looked like a collapsible table; Robin said Baby wasn't where she needed to be in the lifts; Emma said she still lit up the ice although a little finesse missing. Second round: And Samianne choose Riverdance, yay! Whoop - love love love that, brilliant, brilliant routine. Got to be a full score surely - oh, apparently I missed a couple of stutters, too busy enjoying the music. Score: 28.5 Robin said it was much stronger than before; Jason called it amazing; Emma said we're so lucky to have him. Colaurin and I'm So Excited - another stunner - the hands lifted off in the helicopter lift - altogether elegant, fast, it's party time. Score: 30 She's done it, shouts Tony and Jason takes his hat off to her; Robin applauds the speed and power, Colin delivered at his level. Oh, that's what £20k looks like, quips Phil, ref Jason's hair! Michloe - Kiss Kiss - a good performance but lacking the speed to make it spectacular, but it nets their highest score - 28.5 . Emma said it was much tighter and stronger; Robin praised the transitions. Is Karen off to appear in Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat later? She looks like she's raided my old school's drama wardrobe. Scoreboard: Samianne 58; Colaurin 56; Michloe 54. We say hello again to all the contestants, all of whom I'd listed in order then tried to publish, only to lose the whole damn post. Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh *searches for notes* Here We Go Moment #1: Through to skate Bolero - Samianne, whoop; Colaurin, Yay! We say farewell to Michloe. Well, it's all up to you folk now, I'm a happy bunny with the two finalists, happy, that is, apart from losing the whole post! Samianne perform first - loving the Spanish influences in that, super skating, perfect timing, strong, controlled, pitched it perfectly, neat tricks but didn't over do it. He's all emotional cos it's his nanny and grandad's 40th anniversary, aw. Colaurin have a damn fine attempt, Laura so strong, so much finesse in what she does but it's lacking the timing and musicality of Samianne, which is put down to Colin's inexperience. They are universally praised for their contribution to the show though, brilliant throughout, says Jason; The step up lift brilliant, says Robin ; Beautifully executed, says Emma. Final Here We Go Moment: It's Samianne! They did just edge it tonight but Colaurin kept them honest! And that's it for another year, well done Sam and Brianne!


  1. I was still voting for Laura to the bitter end, but Sam would probably have been my second choice anyway :o)

    Disagree about the Bolero performances - thought both were excellent! Thought Sam's Footloose routine was a bit naff actually, so when the 10's came out I nearly fell off my chair with shock, but hey ho.

    Couldn't stop bouncing around during Colin and Laura's skate to I'm so excited! Singing along and everything, probably my favourite routine of the series! :o)

    See you next year Holly and Phil! :o)

  2. So glad she didn't go out first week! Fantastic standard. I gave up trying to put paragraphs in - post wasn't having it tonight, have had to settle for bold!