Saturday, 19 February 2011

Let's Dance for Comic Relief!

It's back, the happiest dance show on the telly, with the nicest panel and the brilliant Brian Blessed as voice over guy, the suave Mr. Jones (seems to have lopped a bit of hair off the top of his head and smeared it round his chops) who's joined by the lovely Ms Alex Jones (no relation ... that I'm aware of) cos Claudia's too bloomin' busy!

Tonight's highly distinguished panel: Graham Norton, dance credentials - Father Ted; Frank Skinner, dance credentials: Fancy footie footwork; Greg Davis, dance credentials - size 14 feet.

Interior designer Colin and Justin, to Zanadu - Justin makes a fantastic Agnetha from Abba, forget Olivia. Colin looks like Cliffe Richard, is that intentional - wasn't there a 'thing' about Cliff and Olivia? That was Colin and Justin's most funnest night in ages, a "Tsunami of Glamour"! Graham was worried it'd be Xanadu-du and thought Camilla rather than Agnetha; Frank said it was reminiscent of clubbing with Richard and Judy and Greg was reminded of Pan's People.

Russell Kane is the now synonymous-with-the-show comic-in-drag-doing-a-great-job but it's a lot to live up to, although he has help from the family business, Banana Studios ... is it me, or does he look a little bit like Christian Bale? Do Not Adjust Your Set, tonight, Russell Kane is Beyonce, dancing to Crazy in Love! Loving the attitude, he's got some front. Seriously, that's great padding work going on there. Graham says he'll relive that again on his deathbed *my eyes!* Frank worryingly didn't look at the girls and Greg summed it up perfectly, saying it occupied a space between most disgusting and most erotic!

Rebecca Front dressed to impress, or not be missed by traffic, as Bjork, for It's Oh So Quiet and here's a future Strictly Come Dancing contestant if ever there was one, timing and presentation - far too good to win this! Charming. Graham thought brilliant and loved the dancing post box; Frank said it was 'mum's gone to Iceland in a good way' and Greg felt it had British dignity and it was entirely correct and normal to be dancing with a postbox.

Waterloo Road, in the form of Peter and Rebecca, say It's Like That (Run DMC) and they're brilliant, I mean, there are proper breakdancers but Philip was superb and stole the performance! Graham called it the Karate Kid of dance; Frank was educated and on the edge of his seat; Greg called Rebecca brilliant and said Philip single handedly claimed back Hip Hop for the middle aged!

Ed Byrne - whose genius idea to cast Gloria Hunniford as his mum? I Love To Boogie, from Billy Elliott, joined by the one and only Arlene Phillips - good effort! Graham disses Ed's legs, but says it's his fave so far; Frank said it was much more enjoyable than Black Swan, and there was a hint of River Dance; Greg said it was brilliant, especially as Arlene wasn't actually invited!

Katie Price does Freddie Mercury in I Want To Break Free, complete with under arm hair - and for all you read and think about her, she's happy to send herself up. Not sure whether she needed padding or not. Yes, apparently - Frank, like name, like nature, asked her! Graham said she's as good at dancing as she is at everything else but he loves her; Frank said she looks great with a moustache and Greg is awestruck by the underarm hair, he thought she'd perfected her look already.

Voting time! Sir Patrick Moore reads the small print, I'm thinking I liked four there, Russell, Ed, Rebecca and Waterloo Road - but no-one standing out like the last two years - Russell for the obvious reason, the funniest yet good. For fun rehearsal footage, visit the BBC website.

Results are in and straight out go Ed, Rebecca and Colin & Justin.

Straight through: Russell!

Waterloo Road versus Katie Price - and the panel go for Katie; I'd have preferred to see Waterloo Road again, just because it contained more energy but there you go. Russell dances us out - what is it with us and comedians diva dancing?

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