Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dancing With The Stars, Local Legends!

Derek Hough is taking Season 12 off from Dancing With The Stars to make a film, where he plays a streetdancer, but will return for Season 13. At least it'll give the other pros the chance of winning!

And as you may know, I'm the community publisher of a local website, Rochester People, where we're currently running a campaign to find our local legend - and as yet, there are no dancing related nominees - so if you're reading this from the Medway area and you know of someone who deserves a bit of recognition for services to dance (or anything else for that matter) then do head on over and nominate! Here's a flavour of what we're looking for:


  1. That's a good career move for Derek. I'd like to see Dmitry Chaplin return in Derek's place.

  2. Definitely - and it'll give him a whole new sphere of influences to bring back with - not that he needs any more creativity!