Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dancing on Ice, Week Four: The Ice Pick (in case you didn't know!)

No live blog this week - I was out having my own scary moment, not as scary as Domandra's, but here's the gallery of photos from a Ghost Walk! Jeffabelle were saved and Domandra voted off by their peers, I've managed an abbreviated rundown ...

Michloe to I Hate Rock'n'Roll, another risky lift, a neck spin, little bit scrappy in places but full of energy and attitude, really well done. Had I been in, Michael's leather trousers may have got a vote. But I wasn't, so they didn't - but they were well worth it, weren't they? *coughs* Score: 19.5 Robin loved the attack; Emma called her brave and entertaining; Jason praised her versatility and assurance but would like hairography - she does it, we miss it. I do hope they're not going to ask everyone about The Ice Pick ... *yawns*

Johnseyne to One Love, a session with the Ballet Boyz, can only be good. A couple of lifts and a death spiral, nice enough, not a lot they can do with this song, just amble along. Score: 13 Jason liked the relaxed style but lost interest; Emma missing the connection but he's got rhythm, baby; Robin complimented his solid skating.

Jeffabelle and Better Together - the song that Matt Di Angelo had his foxtrot meltdown to on Strictly Come Dancing ... and, oops, look at that, there he goes! Nice big lift though and overall good skating. Score: 12.5 Emma felt for him and praised the smooth skating; Jason liked the recovery and composure and called it lyrical; Robin said his basic skating quality is at another level.

Kerriel to Disturbia - unusual lift to begin, bit slow over the ice but more unusual moves, needs more attack. Score: 10 Jason says she's still too reliant on Daniel and that stag move looked like she was about to have an internal examination. So charming, isn't he? Mums have left the room before the kids could ask ... Karen puts him in his place; Robin agrees she needs more enthusiasm. Kerry, not Karen.

Katilla to Always, huge drape lift, still posture work needed, still singing along, good speed, nice skating. Score: 16 Robin said it's a terrific job, very nice; Emma said it was tentative but he did everything asked of him; Jason said the fall worked in his favour and he complimented his considerate partnering.

Domandra to I Can See For Miles And Miles - a visit from Freddie and the public didn't save him *outrageous* I can see why though, there wasn't much to the programme, I thought he was capable of more. Score: 11 Jason liked it when it was over, not improving; Robin applauded the strong skating but says he needs to deliver performance.

Colaurin to Whenever, Wherever, ooh, nice timing with the fan, first routine that really grabbed me, good big lift, just about landed the wrist ripper, good recovery, loved the Latino feel, great performance. Score: 20 Nasty bruising! Jason loved the dynamic, fully charged influences; Emma praised the character and said she has something special; Robin gave some technical advice and praised the gusto.

Jennibonbon to Anyone Who Had A Heart, it's dynamic, lovely skating, terrific lifts and lunges. Score: 18.5 Emma loves their wonderful connection but they need to sell it more; Jason said it lacked emotion in the interpretation; Robin called it sweet and natural, praised her coping with the speed.

Mattise to Slow, still a little stilted but a nice partnership, needs to relax, there's more to come if she does let go. Score: 10 Jason said she's marginally improved, but clunky; Robin pointed out a few wobbles but she had an emotional edge; Emma liked her elegant and softer.

Samianne and Crazy Little Thing Called Love, great timing, musicality, speed, nailed the big lift, flowed over the ice. The only one really bringing it all together. Just one sticky bit on the flip lift but stayed on beat. Score: 25 Robin said fantastic attacking, cohesive skating, choreography and musicality; Jason called him skating viagra, everything rises *note to ITV: family show alert; family show alert! Jeez ... I'm lucky my kid doesn't watch it, I don't have to answer the questions. Emma says he makes it look easy, wonderful.

Fravitty to Achey Breakey Heart and he's loosened up lot, what's happened? Full of character, much better skating, dancing and performance. Score: 11 Robin said it's smoke and mirrors, more is needed; Jason is torn: he's committed but average, enjoyable but not very good. Karen said it's his best so far and Emma said that worryingly, it suited him.

Unless I'm invited out by some charismatic, enigmatic stranger (or a mate wants to go to the pub) next week, we should be back to normal ...

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