Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dancing on Ice, Week 7: Ultimate Skills

And to kick us off, a T&D special, accompanying Rumer, singing What The World Needs Now, effortless performances both.

Michloe, to Little Bird, seemed a little stiff tonight and didn't engage me much, although another overall good performance. Robin thought her spin the strongest element, with good speed on the footwork and the skills fitted well in the overall performance. Emma loved that she didn't shy away from difficulty and Jason praised her overall but felt she wasn't committing to the nuances in the choreography (her birds arms were "grotesque". Karen didn't look impressed at that!) Score 18.5

Johnseyne skate to She Will Be Loved and another sweet performance, a big lift, ultimate skills present and correct-ish, more speed too. Looks after Jodeyne. Jason applauded them for the lift and thought the skills "fair"; Robin said the steps were simple but nice; Emma said he (and we) are a lot more comfortable now. Score: 14.5

Colaurin and Stop - a gorgeous beginning with spin, emotive, all the skills there, lovely performance, goosebumps, flowing and elegant. Robin gave 5.5 out of 6 for the skills and said she stepped it up tonight; Emma the same, but did feel the nerves tonight and Jason gave full marks for the skills, for flowing through the routine and the musicality. Score: 25.5

Jeffabelle skate to Forget You and it's a shame he faltered on the skills as this could have been a terrific performance had it all come together. I just missed him in the skate off, where it all apparently did come together, going by Robin's comments after that, so well done them. Emma felt the performance was lacking before he had to concentrate, but still sees him as a dark horse. Jason said he has to marry the skills and the performance and Robin agreed with Jason, saying Jeff had one of the most difficult jump combos of the night. Score: 16

Mattise and True Colours, lift a bit clunky but everything else was very nice, calm and smooth performance. Robin said it had a real, natural calmness about it; Jason said it had a really lovely quality and he was proud of her; Emma Said keeping it simple for her was key. Which I'm sure she didn't mean as an insult. Score: 16.5

Samianne to She Said - edge of seat time, The Headbanger Cometh! As ultimate skills go, wow. Timing out more obviously this week but come on, with everything they're asking him to do, including that headbanger, I'll forgive him for focussing! Jason saw his thought processes but almost top scored for skills; Robin did the same, took .5 off for synchronicity issues but Emma top scored him as she can't believe he's not a pro and he still gave the performance. Score: 24.5

Kerriel to Hush Hush and I only saw the skate off performance, which was pretty dire and she clearly had to go, bearing in mind the improvement in all the others. Jason said her skating skills were extinct; Robin said it's been a struggle and Emma thought she'd have come out fighting after last week, but no. Score: 9

Katilla wind up proceedings, skating to Ice Ice Baby - and as expected, Vanilla is in his element, great spins and jumps, excellent job overall. Robin said it was the best overall performance of the night; Emma's a big fan all over again and Jason said he proved he can ice ice skater. Score: 22.5

Apologies for the lack of live blogging this week - even DOI can't compete against the call of a curry!


  1. I think we can forgive you Scatty - but only for one week mind! ;o)

    Jeff was lots better in the skate-off, one of those 'why didn't you do that in the first place!' type performances. I'm still amazed at how much he's improved in just a couple of weeks. Shame he clearly doesn't have the publics backing because I'm starting to really like him.

    Laura's still my favourite at the moment. Sam's a brilliant skater no doubt about that, but he just deosn't seem to have the emotional ability that Laura does. Totally blown away by her performance this week! Fab!

    Wonder what the requirment for this week will be? How do you top the hyped up 'ultimate skills test'? Guess we'll see :o)

  2. Maybe they'll all get to do the highwire thing!

    Laura defo my fave too this week, she's the only on really letting go, character wise, though SAm is close to her. The others need to give us more though :)