Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dancing on Ice Live Blog, Week Seven: Going Global!

Oh, hello, where's Holly, it's not that time already surely? No, just a bit under the weather and Coleen's been drafted in.

T&D impress mightily with an Argentine Tango to Dance With Me, very intense and brilliant working with the non skating dancers.

Colaurin out first, with an all American Charleston to Upside Down, with input from Strictly regular Ryan Francois. It's Fab-U-Lous! Totally character driven, very together, nailed the feel of the dance, smooth transitions, gorgeous float spin and lots of fun. Brilliant. Score: 24.5 Robin said she maintained character, it was cohesive, jovial and bouncy; Emma said it had the persona and the vibe and wasn't too cheesy; Jason said it was a great fun start but sometimes lacked the bounce. He tried to make a joke about gay abandonment. No-one laughed. In fact, had the camera cut to the ice you'd have seen snow covered tumbleweed ...

Jeffabelle with a Viennese Waltz to When I Need You and crikey, that's a lift and a half, he made it look effortless and he basically benchpressed Isabelle. Soft and romantic, good speed over the ice, good partnering, terrific skating, beautiful lifts. Score: 22.5 Emma praised the connection and partnering; Robin said it was skated like a pro, controlled and classy; Jason said he had the elegant and refined rotation, line and quality improving; Karen agreed!

Mattise samba to Let's Get Loud and it could all go horribly wrong with that wig. A shame she couldn't transfer the rhythm of the dance floor to the ice but she had a good go. Score: 14.5 ooh, Jason might want to borrow the wig, quips Denise. He retaliates by telling her she looked like she needed an MRI Scan and that she was off the beat and messy; Emma liked that she smiled throughout; Robin praised the commitment but technically it didn't happen. Karen's glad she's enjoying herself.

Katilla are dancing Flamenco - to Justin Timberlake's Like I Love You? What can I say, I was bored, because there was no Paso feel for me, the music was so so wrong. I don't blame Katilla, but that was sadly lacking direction and everything I was expecting - when you think back to the paso inspired routines that both Jessica and Ray did to contemporary songs you'll know what I mean. Score: 21.5 Robin liked that he saw a different side which was commanding and in control; Jason reckons he got the balance right between him and the flavour of the dance, apart from occasional space invader arms; Emma said it was manly and sexy and melted her.

Samianne upstage Colaurin, with a River-ting Riverdance - nailed the synchronisation, the feel of the dance, the lifts - everything stunning, a total performance of Riverdance on Ice. Score: 27 Top score for the series so far. Emma said Wow x 3; Robin said they created wonderful choreography and stayed with it; Jason said they're back on form, footwork and nuances incredible.

Michloe to Kiss Kiss, Bollywood style and helllloooo Michael. Now, if they can just put him back in the leather trousers without the top ... Nailed the big lift but always going to be compared to Jai Ho and didn't have the same impact but a very good performance, assured skating. Score: 24.5 Robin praised the transitions and loved it; Emma said it was much tighter, it's all coming together and Jason was distracted by Michael. Not even Karen can argue with that!

Johnseyne Tango to She Drives Me Crazy and I love that he kept the intensity all through, good lifts and maintained character, good job! Score 14.5 Jason didn't get the sexual tension (that could explain a lot) Emma applauded that he's trying something different and Robin said he's going in the right direction. Karen and the rest felt he should have got higher marks.

Back at 9.30pm! Recap and safe: Michloe; Jeffabelle; Johnseyne; Mattise; Samianne! Colaurin versus Katilla in the skate off - not surprised at Katilla, and unfortuantely, going first probably did for Laura, having some great performances later. Colaurin's Charleston as good, if not better, than before; Katilla with all to do - but the judges have confussled us before so who knows *shrugs* Katilla better than before also! Robin saves Colaurin; Emma also with Colaurin - it's farewell Katilla - Jason makes it three for Laura. But what a lovely touch from Vanilla there, handing his flowers over to a little girl in the audience. Down to the last six next week!


  1. Was suprised that Jane and Chris gave Johnson the Tango if they were going to perform it themselves at the top of the show! His was lacking in comparison, but then whose wouldn't be!?

    Can't quite believe Chloe scored the same as Laura - nowhere near the same standard frankly!

    Some fab performances tonight - really enjoyed Sam, Laura and Jeff! Getting close now there is so few of them. Have no idea who'll be in the skate-off!

  2. They were my top three too - real shame for Laura. Hope we don't lose her next week - seems like only Sam is safe, although I can't help wondering what the fallout would be like if it ended up with a Sam/Laura skate off!

  3. I'll be honest - I'm way beyond livid right now! Who the hell is voting this series!? Am I the only sane voter here!? We're losing some of the best skating personalities.

    How was Laura in the bottom, how, I still can't believe it! For me she is the best skater on the show because she's capable of outstanding technique and the emotion/acting part of the performance as well. Sam is a brilliant skater, but he's very poor at expressing emotion in his performance and his personality is so bland. I'm sadly becoming increasingly indifferent towards him because whilst he skates well, he himself bores me! I don't see the connection between him and Brianne that I see from Laura and Colin (last week is a prime example).

    Clear from tonight that he's a dead cert to win, so I'm a bit upset really. I like Denise and have respect for Johnson, but they should not be kept at the expense of Laura and Vanilla.

    My enjoyment of this series decreases yet further. *sigh*

  4. I'll be honest, the series hasn't come alive for me at all, the way it normally does - just the odd routines here and there. The producers need to make up their minds about what they want, I think. Make it a clear competition by only having competent skaters to begin with, or go with the mixture and encourage the journey without making the less able feel guilty when the public keep them in.