Sunday, 6 February 2011

Dancing On Ice Live Blog, Week Five: If looks could skill ...

Las Vegas week and the start of the Skills Set but first - T&D and the pro skaters do Copacabana, with some stunning tricks on show. Chris reiterates that they want to be left with the best skaters at the end of the skills set. Hayley Tamaddon, Ray Quinn and Chris Fountain will show how it's done.

This week, shadow steps sequence with a 360 degree one footed turn.

Jennibonbon out first to If I Could Turn Back Time and there's loads of skating alone, coped very well, a couple of sticky transitions, big lift, good turn, well done! Jason praised the synchronicity, timing and skating but she' holding out on for performance; Robin agreed and thought it a little tense; Emma got what she wanted last week and said no, she didn't mean that - she wants her to own her skating!?

Jeffabelle next to It's Not Unusual - it's smooth, good skating but needed to look like he enjoyed it more, good partnering, timing out a little at times, nice roll up, best skating from him so far! Score: 20 Robin saw quality basic skills used in the right place at the right time; Emma reckons he was smouldering, strong and confident; Jason noticed an improvement but he needs to control his upper body.

Colaurin with It's All Coming Back To Me Now - an emotional performance, big smile when she nailed the big lift, a little moment in the steps but overall fantastic. Score: 24 Jason really enjoyed it, said she was expressive, that she felt and surrendered to it; Emma loved that she took everything on board and never lost the mood; Robin said she's done to yet another level. Karen and the other contestants with a standation!

Mattise to S'wonderful - a good start, she's quickstepping - and there they are, the steps sequence, check! Nice big lift, loved the shuffles and great presentation. Score: 13.5 Emma called it a cute routine; Jason said confident, sweet and fun; Robin said she allowed herself to go with the flow.

Fravitty with Please Release Me - nicely played with the attitude, lost Frankie accidentally at one point and there was a bit of improv on Frankie's part, the steps were there though! Score: 11 Robin said he had ok steps but a coat hanger in his shoulders; Emma called him a wooden soldier; Jason thinks it's time he went and called him a clog mime artist with rigor mortis. I'm guessing they didn't enjoy ...

Katilla next with Blue Suede ... Skates, got a little too excited and had a couple of moments in both steps sequences, but big fun and huge throw at the end! Score: 16 Emma said it was fast and furious but posture a problem; Robiin liked the energy and attack and partnering but likened him to an ice hockey skater; Jason wants him to stop miming and criticised the lack of finesse. Karen called him unique and charismatic, deserved higher marks.

Johnseyne with Piano Man, nailed the step sequence, very nice skating, always where Jodeyne needed him to be. Score: 12 Jason said he's been on a slight journey but he's not seeing enough - Karen says it's been an incredible journey, a massive achievement - Jason says "If your opionion mattered you'd be on the panel! *ooh - handbags* Karen's up and over there "Outside, NOW!" She tells him he's offensive! Hit him go on, on behalf of all of us! I love Karen! Robin says there is improvement but we need to see more. Strewth, says Phil.

Samianne have I Get A Kick Out Of You - he can sing too - speedy, musical, smashing sequences, very Fred and Ginger, smooth and confident, big lift, float spin. Score:25.5 Emma called him a perfect partner, attentive and strong, brilliant; Jason gets a big kick out of him, stunning synchronicity; Robin said he's fantastically committed.

Kerriel to Woman in Love and the steps are stuttery but nice arms and good lift. Score: 10 Robin said she's not strong enough, believe T&D when they say you can do it; Emma wished that she'd do well; Jason could see her concern, and tells her to work harder.

Michloe skating to In The Mood, T&D's 1980 routine music, oh dear, Michael as a sailor might get a vote again. Good skate but had to think too much about it, so transitions a little sticky,not as flowing. Score: 22 Jason's a big fan but thought it too technically advanced which compromised performance and finish; Emma said that was a bit messy but she loves watching her; Robin said it was incredible choreography "props to you, girly"!

Back at 9.30pm then! Forget Skate Off, we've a Square Up, as Jason apologises to Karen ... and then tells her she should listen! "You're a nasty nasty man," she says. Hear Hear! If it's all set up, Karen should be jetting off to Hollywood for an award some time soon!

Safe: Samianne; Jeffabelle; Kerriel; Colaurin; Fravitty; Michloe; Mattise; Johnseyne. Ooh - Katilla versus Jennibonbon, two of the judges/legends favourites to skate off! Glad to see the public are rebelling and sticking it to "we want only the best skaters" brigade. No, Chris - we're listening and we don't like being told. You invite people on the show, you treat them fairly - you don't have favourites, that's our job.

Thought Jennibonbon were more confident that time, just a wobble on the lift. Sylvin puts it in perspective before any more hysteria: "It's the game!" Katilla also better than before, also pragmatic. It's a clean sweep for Katilla; Jennibonbon are gonegone.


  1. I'll be honest - it was on, but I wasn't watching a huge amount of DOI last night (people causing me grief....). I said exactly the same as you Scatty - about people being annoyed at being constantly told who they should vote for.

    I'm not that sorry Jennifer is gone. Didn't dislike her, but definitely indifferent. Glad Ice stayed as I actually quite like him :o)

    Who is voting for Kerry and Dave?! WHO?! Get rid of those two next, please, for the sake of my sanity!

    Laura is my fav at the moment! Go Colin and Laura! Woo!! :o)

  2. I think the row between Karen and Jason was the most exciting thing - did you notice the pro skaters reaction behind Karen? Colin's eyebrows disappeared upwards and Frankie had to cover her mouth so she didn't catch any flies :D