Sunday, 13 February 2011

Dancing On Ice Live Blog, Week 6: Pure theatrics!

Musicals night tonight, and an unassisted jump to master, with both feet off the ice!

Jeffabelle out first to All I Ask of You - that was completely lovely! He's so elegant, made the jumps too, gorgeous flowing routine, I actually felt involved, which hasn't happened much this series. Good, confident lifts too. Score: 22 - Robin with an 8 and he said it was a fantastic start, such control over blades and lifts and taking care of partner. Jason said he's definitely improving and has nice upper body control but didn't feel the romance. Said he looked like he's waiting for a bus. Emma liked that he skates with power.

Mattise have Roxy from Chicago, loving the silhouette start, got the big lift, transitions a but stuttery in the trio of jumps and generally, more character led than skating. Score: 13 Jason complimented her bum but said her arms were like windscreen wipers; Robin said she did herself proud with the jumps and Emma missed the cheekiness.

Samianne to Flash Bang Wallop and wow, how fast and complicated was that? Cracking skate, I though they were together more than not, full of fun and character, didn't need big lifts, the skates did all the talking. Excellent jumps. Score: 25.5 Robin basically said what I did, Emma loved it loved it loved it and Jason said it was full of character and energy, charismatic but synchronicity issues. Karen called it a pure entertaining whole performance and says there's more to give.

A Wicked performance of Defying Gravity by Rachel Tucker, accompanied with a very appropriate routine by Lukasz & Alexandra(amazing, high spinning lift) and Jodene & Sean.

Kerriel skating to No Business Like Showbusiness. Timing out, bit manic with the facial features, not very elegant, not much of a jump, a decent spin at the end. Score: 12 Jason said Daniel's still carrying her around, not up to scratch; Emma said this kind of routine suits her; Robin said she's playing catch up and Karen said the back to basics helped.

Michloe have the most emotional song of the night, On My Own from Les Mis. Amazing spinning lift, but a couple of wobbles, not much of a jump and I didn't get the goosebumps I should have. Score: 22 Robin said it was a great performance as she was with Michael every step of the way, which we the audience wouldn't have registered, didn't have the emotion but she is A Skater; Jason agreed she struggled to maintain the emotion and longing and there wasn't enough light and shade; Emma reckons it would have been world class had the sparkles not been missing.

Johnseyne skating to Always Look On The Bright Side of Life and I was smiling all the way through that, so was Phil. Good jump, nice fluid skating. Score: 15 Jason said it showed promise but he lost the character as it went on; Robin loved enjoying him enjoy it; Emma said it was faster and funnier and loved that he's pushing himself.

Katilla to Born To Hand Jive, good jumps, including the risky one, good lifts, confident, musical, not as wild as before. Score: 21 Robin saw a figure skater in character; Emma said his posture is better but less free spirited and Jason it was sometimes electrifying and sometime tentative.

Fravitty skating to Aquarius, he embraced the feel of it and visibly relaxed after the jumps. Bit staid though. Score: 12.5 Emma said thank god for the hair and the costume cos she's missing comedy Dave; Jason said it lacked contraction and release. (No, me neither.) Robin said the jumps flowed on exit but we can see it's hard work. Karen agrees but says there's heart and soul with the hard work.

Colaurin and You Can't Stop The Beat and it's kooky and quirky, she totally gets the performance aspect, great jumps, great lifts, nailed the back flip, she rocks! Score: 25.5 Jason was entertained, fun and goofy, so Disney, exploded with personality; Robin praises the exuberance and attack and it was Emma's favourite of the night, exciting and energetic, pure theatre. It was mine too and I'm going to vote, because it would be a real shame if she went.

Back at 9.30pm! Here we go - safe: Katilla; Colaurin, woo! Jeffabelle, yay! Samianne, whoop! Michloe - Emma gets her wish, top five through; Johnseyne also safe, along with Mattise. It's Kerriel versus Fravitty and frankly, as Emma said earlier, the public need to be voting for the skaters, so this is a no brainer because Kerry is the absolute worst and Dave landed two great jumps again in the skate off and improved his performance. So naturally, Emma then votes Kerry through, as does Jason. ?????? is the only thing I can say. Robin voted for Dave, but then, he's the only proper ice skating judge on the panel. When they've been banging on since the start of the series about voting for the best skaters, I can only say again: ??????????? And another thing - she had her head in her hands at the end there, when she realised what she'd done. *rolls eyes*


  1. I'm sorry, but am I the only one who noticed that Chloe didn't actually leave the ice, therefore, didn't do a jump?! Absolute travesty that she got the same score as Jeff!! Can't quite believe how much he's improved. :o)

    Some fun routines tonight, but I am definitely hoping certain people find themselves in the dance-off. Out of 9 celebs, there's 4 that I don't really like and I'm getting a bit depressed aboput it. at this rate the final 5 will be made up of a load of people I can't stand! :o/

  2. Yay, go Laura! Classy! :o)

  3. I agree re Chloe, she didn't nail them at all, and Jeff's routine moved me more too. I'd like to see Sam, Jeff and Laura make it through on tonight's performances.