Sunday, 5 December 2010

X-Factor Semi Final Result: No surprises...

Four through to the final next week, there's still a sing off tonight though - I'm sure it used to be down to the public when we were down to five?

Alexandra Buke and the new single. Powerhouse vocal takes your mind of the aerial dancers harnesses, not a pretty sight. Neat trick with Alexandra elevating - she'll be slaughtered for the Jesus position at the end, you just know it.

Recap and reactions, then GLEEeeeeeee, introduced by Sue Sylvester and Will. Don't Stop Believin' the song, can't wait for the next series to be shown here. Gleeks of the world unite! Dermot, they're standing right next to you and you have a mic - stop shouting.

Dannii and Louis are missing ... and they're back, they've been voting! Black Eyed Peas. The Time of My Life? And a set/costumes straight out of Channel Five's Don't Stop Believing, remember The Buggles number?

Result: Through - One Direction, Rebecca, Matt. Well, duh! Not saying I told you so - but I did.

Mary singing It's A Man's World. Sing yer heart out. She's got the soul. Fab, well done. Pointless but well done. Cher and a Britney song, I think she said? I thought Mary sang better but Cher will get it. Why drag it out so, we're in the realm of the bleedin' obvious! Wonder what would've happened if they'd sent it to deadlock?


  1. i also like glee. which character is your favorite?

  2. That would have to be Sue Sylvester - greatest tv comic creation since Homer Simpson! :-D