Thursday, 30 December 2010

Ubisoft's Just Dance 2: Still Number One!

And we finally got our Wii fixed, so I was able to put on my dancing shoes (well, take my slippers off, actually) shove the coffee table to one side and almost manage to not trip over the rug, as littlun showed me how to switch it on.

I'll be honest with you now - I'm not a techy person, I don't play game consoles, in fact, the last one I did play was Crash Team Racing (as Coco Bandicoot I was the undisputed queen of Crash Cove in this house) but that was ages ago and I've only ever had a couple of games of bowling on the wii. So I'm not going to tell you how brilliant the graphics are or how it does this or that because I simply don't know. There were words flashing up that occassionally told me "Good" or even "Perfect" and there were some Gold stars too. More importantly, the music was brilliant.

What I do know, is that once I put Just Dance 2 on (passing on It's Raining Men, far too energetic) and got into Tik Tok (c.2500 points) thinking, I'll just do a couple and call it a night but, oh - I Feel Good, I'll just do that (c.3000 points) I found myself - Move Your Feet, that's a good'un - ooh, 6167 - unable to switch it off because Proud Mary beckoned (6996 points) but there's no way I'll beat that. Whoop - Hot Stuff, 8039, get in there! You see what happened?

Addicted, especially when I Want You Back scored me 8675 points! Now I know that regular games users and Just Dance afficionados are probably going "pfffft" at my pathetic little efforts but I was thrilled to be improving - at the same time as laughing involuntarily and doing a damn sight more exercise than I've had in ages! I dropped back to 3933 with Sway, then a Hey Ya netted me 7128. That's my lot, I thought, I must go - but hang on, there's a Charleston, I've got to try that (6833) and I can't possibly turn it off without a bit of Jungle Boogie (3383) but really, that's my lot - oh, ok, just Soul Bossa Nova (3585), because Mattiona did a brill jive to that on Strictly. One more and that's it - The Power, 5217 *collapses in a heap* and I resisted the temptation to go back to the music menu. Littlun showed me how to switch off and I am now completely hooked and itching to get back on it! The Number One chart spot is well deserved! As is the BAFTA!

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