Thursday, 16 December 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: A tingle in my fingers, a tingle in my toes!

Tonight ... training snapshots, Vincent, fashionistas.

But first, on the sofa, with winning advice - Dr. Peter Lovatt (Winning mentality) and 2008 champion Camilla Dallerup (Dane-gerously talented) with Chris Hollins (Reigning Champ). Don't just imagine lifting the trophy, imagine the obstacles you clear to do so. Jamela camp quietly confident, nothing to lose, hope James doesn't got over the top; Mattiona emotions on the edge, take time out to emotionally explode as neccessary after each dance. Aliona has to trust, become equal; Artara - don't be frightened of failure, just go for it, do what they've been doing, its magical, Artem be her rock. Anchoring! All should just go out and enjoy, to those who don't win - it's a celebration, they're privileged to have been part of an amazing experience.

Artara training update, Kara all sniffly cold. Rumba is staying as is, no need to change, just perform better; American Smooth their favourite, again just want to improve; Waltz the new dance, will undoutedly be beautiful. The showdance - like climbing Everest! Bit concerned that there isn't a pizazzy number to grab the audience though, will have to hope we're swept up in romance.

Vincent dreams of being a model. Nina, the supermodel tells him he has the perfect assets - his hands *wheels come off the dream* Hers are insured for £2M! He's bored and tired and backchatting but he scores an 8! Onto the Grand Piano Challenge and Vincent (Model pupil) scores 271 - above Jared and Anton!

Mattiona training - showdance will be coolest thing she's ever done; Samba their highest scoring; VW their favourite, will hope to improve. Paso Doble the new one, the one he's been wanting to do! They've both got the sniffles too! But that's a brilliant mix of dances, all very different.

Strictly A-Z and X is for X rated costumes! Guys prefer ties, even Gavin! Y ... is not in the Italian dictionary ... Z is for ZZZZzzzzzzzeds, they don't get enough!

Ben de Lisi and Hilary Alexander in to check out the showdance costumes! Kara - military meets Ewok meets Leia, says Clauds. Strawberry lace, epilettes, pure Vailman? Who? Rock'n'roll chic, catsuit. Am now very concerned. Please don't blow it with a load of lifts and throws instead of showing us her beautiful dancing! I have to be honest, I really didn't like the cha cha and that look then. Felt no empathy with her at all.

Aliona back in the country life plaid and waistcoat, rural, cheeky, short skirt, equestrian feel, harness back, unexpected - bodes well for a character driven piece, whoop! Pamela - elegant, delphinium blue, demure, classic, knee length, lycra top, georgette skirts, lots of whoosh! Could very well nick it if they do a Tom and Camilla** and the other two just go down the tricky lifts/throws route and no musical storytelling with arms and legs. I wouldn't normally encourage the couples to read any forums - but I hope they've taken note of the genereal consensus on Brendan and Lisa's showdance and avoid!

Jamela training - showdance, no rules, a celebration of their journey! VW, their best, unchanged; charleston their favourite, slightly tweaked; Argentine Tango the new one - it's a first for James too, should be intense! Another good mix - floaty ballroom, mental Latin, intense tango, showdance mixing it up, hopefully to a fab piece of music like The Rhythm of Life! (**Also from Sweet Charity!)

An hour long special tomorrow! End credits - 8 year old Jack from Coventry sings us out, lol. Brilliant.

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