Monday, 6 December 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Widdyton Wrapped!

Tonight ... Widdyton, Gavya, Craig. But first, RobinCam behind the scenes. Two Matts- the back flip naughty James; Ola, undressed; Anton and son-in-law, Craig's quiff. Showtime!

Widdyton on the sofa, it's been emotional, whether for or against! Hopefully the media will realise now there's no need for the mass hysteria every year - this is the stage John Sargent would have gone at, too. Ann (Exit, stage right) disappointed but had ten fantastic weeks. Anton (He's out Beke) doesn't think comedy would have made a difference - didn't want to shoehorn in something that didn't fit the dance just for effect. Ann did very well. Four great dancers, one good dancer and them operating in a parallel universe. Mutual appreciation society going on - there's no denying the partnership, doubt Anton's enjoyed himself so much since Lesley. And Ann loved the whole experience; this appeals to people, hence her run. They made a conscious decision not to do backflips!

Gavya still speechless, Gav (Bluesmobile) amazed to be called out first. Katya (Kat That Got The Dream) says it was like Xmas morning. He's says it's all about peaking at the right time. Katya gives life affirming dance coaching. Three dances - Gav's not worried, but Katya keeps crying, lol! VW - samba - swingathon - Katya's parents in town. They're in Monday hell - but the VW is beautiful.

The ITT Grand Piano Challenge -Katya first, her previous conservatoire training out the window! Scores 42 - Gav says Shocking - she's nothing without him! Top of the leaderboard, says Clauds, for now!

Mature Critics; Junior Judges: Scottalie - really funny, liked/didn't like his top off, disgusting, how many kids want to see that? Score: 35; Mattiona - good start, liked the cat impression, groovy baby. Score: 37; Jamela - queen of this one, amazingly fantastically good dancer, spins fast, sad puppy eyes at the end. Score: 40; Gavya - fantastic, he kept up, really quick, kept shirt on, he's-a-groovy. Score: 37; Artara - fierce *tango faces*. Score: 39 Keeeeeeeep Dancing!

Craig (Ten-acious judge) on the sofa, junior judges so cute! Swingathon - dance until eliminated. 1 point up to 5. In general, judges will agree, if not, Len has final say. Adored Jamela, immaculate job, dilemma, as don't hand out tens willy nilly; Also tempted with Artara but there was a footwork issue, extremely good routine; Scattalie a fair few technical issues mean it only warranted 8; Mattiona, loved the characterisation but went out of time ... as are we, the credits are rolling over Craig as he speaks!

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