Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Step Away From The Machine!

Tonight ... Artara, Erin, Len, Aliona.

Straight to Aliona's crib: Comfy chair, in the fish bowl; empty fridge; empty freezer; custard straight from the tin: You know you want some! Shoes! Big mirrors, eat your heart out Gavin. The magic begins in the bathroom: Spray tan and nails!

Dr.Len's dance clinic: Wedding dance to From This Moment - rumba, says Len - but why are wedding songs always dirge like? Take your record to a local dance centre and Bosh! Fantastic speech, lol. How to improve posture at home? Practice, always, everywhere, contra check to pick out socks. Against a wall, press everything against it. Trouble with using the floor for hips? Push through the floor, work on lateral movement first, figure 8.

Karen Hardy's Dance Files - waltz: To turn or to glide; VW came first; rotational, natural turns, reverse turns, rise and fall. Contra check - fleckerl. Elegant, demonstate swing and sway, no jerkiness or gapping. Romantic, musical and light.

Erin (Machine watchable) and the midweek report (they nicked my title from last week, cheeky lot!) and admits to being taken aback by the marks on Saturday. Onto this week: Gavya, foxtrot, beautiful footwork, reverse turn, feather step, droopy frame into promenade, needs to close to the lady, so much better in ballroom hold. Jamela, VW - natural turns, lovely neckline, no skipping, change step, pivots and the neck goes; Scattalie paso - we know he can be great, chesticles need outing (Scott's not Nat's) Gets a little droopy - arm line down but only Tuesday - could be the dance for him; Widdyton AS has content! Sort posture, side rocking, transfer weight. Anton is delighted.

Strictly A-Z: L is for lifts - add to excitement and drama ... don't go for dodgy big ones, specially not before the final.

Artara on the sofa, Kara (Jive funny) surprised by the marks as she forgot the steps. Artem (getting chigy with it) choreographed as per the music and it wasn't a lift, it was an assisted jump. He wouldn't do something not allowed (Jamela did the same move in theirs). Rapping learner. Tango next, feeling pretty good. Robin likes to be called Bobby. No elaboration, but you can be sure Clauds has filed it away for the next time she sees him.

End credits: Gimme five!

And watch out for BBC4 - Still Folk Dancing After All These Years and Come Clog Dancing! I will have to watch, cos the Morris is pretty big in this part of Kent!

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