Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Sayonara Scattalie!

Tonight ... Bruce presenting - Clauds is stuck in the telly - Scattalie, that machine (it's called a Tele-strator. Erin will be thrilled.)

Scattalie and, well, I watched Ricky and Natalie's AT again last night so it's clear to me what the something lacking was in Scott's; choreography and energy unfortunately. Ricky's seemed far more intricate and powerful - and re steps, see from 1.13 - 1.19! I shouldn't make comparisons really, but watching Ricky reminded just how fantastic he was - I watched his VW and QS again too! Anyway, Scott (He's Scott the boot) says there was a seed of doubt over energy levels, hit a wall. Nat (A Bit Lowe) did everything they could under the circumstances - Eastenders filming wouldn't have left them much time for one dance, let alone 4. Still managed 300 hours! Their highlights - waltz, gorgeous; tango, fab; VW, amazing; Jive, incredible; brilliant QS and salsa - he can be very proud. Tributes to each other *wells up* Artara for the win, says Scott, such a buzz between them.

Brucie (He's our favourite) on the sofa. This year more varied, got off to a better start, Ann brought more laughter to the show than anyone else in seven years. He does a proper, full on, song, dance, jokes, warm up to the live audience before the show begins, it's his favourite part of the night. Out of the Glitterball: Best advice: Be yourself; Fave school subject: French. Idol? Fred Astaire.

Erin's dream job - property developer. Aspires to be Sarah Beaney - guess who it is viewing? Scores a 9 and an 8 form the estate agent and Sarah. She's got her hands on the tele-strator but they still haven't given back the arrows. Couples' favourite dances, tips to improve: Jamela - charleston, high energy, lots of personality - stumble, tendency to do that! Don't stumble, keep weight over feet, diagonal body line, work on balance; Mattiona VW, beautiful but only 8 from Craig - reverse turn footwork needs heal leads not toes; Artara AS, only a 6 from Len. Very theatrical but not enough in hold. I don't care though, I adored this. Erin's got Clauds an etch-a-sketch, she was clearly traumatised as a child by not having one.

Karen's Show Dance Files: no rules or regs, must wow the audience, good mix of different styles, story or theme, props. 3 to watch for: Lifts - solo work - showing off. Only one clip of Tom and Camilla, none of Alesha - loads of their runners up? (Including puppet gate and bacofoil gate) What's that all about? *Expresses displeasure*

More out of the Glitterball for Brucie: John Humphreys - how long will you keep going? Five years longer than you, John; Fred Salter, 99 year old ballroom teacher, newly qualified - Fave dance? Foxtrot; Sian Williams - if you were a dance, what would you be? Tango; Mattehw Wright- who would lay you in a movie? Brad Pitt. Or Goofy. Or Anton, loves Anton; Chris Evans and Alex Jones - which pro would you most like to dance with? Anton! Oh, any of the girls, long as they let him lead; Alan Titchmarsh - when did you first use "Nice to see you, to see you, nice!" About 45 years ago! Out of time! Say goodnight, Brucie!

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