Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Robin. Artem. Aprons. Hold that thought ...

Tonight ... Karen Hardy's choreography corner, hair and make up bods, Len.

Karen (No Mean Feet) high kicks us off, blown away by the swingathon, proper competition stuff, you have to grab the judges attention.

Mattiona salsa and she too was upset that he was pummelled, simple choreography yes, basic but incredible energy; Jaela a fantastic paso, something unique about them, so in sync, determination, first class; Artara VW - most dynamic VW she's ever seen, always a gamble with the move that can result in the foot off the floor, adrenalin the issue; highlighted the music beautifully.

Mattiona tango, came back fighting, right from the body, it's all about the effort, the drama, I am going to deliver, beautiful choreography; Jamela quickstep, so many different dimensions, tap dancing, connected so well, everything, cane, light - she's connecting with both audience and judges. Artara rumba, so much class and elegance, hip action, rotation, mesmerising, could have heard a pin drop for the first four bars, so connected. Again, not a lift - really upsets her that Craig is being so picky - lifts are two feet off the floor, can't penalise for what happened. High quality final, going to be the best ever - can't tell who'll take it.

Strictly A-Z: U is for Underdog, us Brits, we love 'em! V is for Vincent - James his big brother, adorable cheeky chap, we're so lucky to have him! W is for Winners - who's your favourite?

Lens' dance clinic: How do I keep up with my partner's long legs? You're the driver, she keeps up with you, elevate your upper body and get up on your toes; How do I glide in a waltz? Lovely rise and fall created by compression of the legs; Can you learn the Argentine Tango is 6 months to be a good standard? Create a small routine you can repeat and then decorate. Clauds does great! You're my favourite, she tells Len.

Argentine Tanog Dance Files - passion, drama, excitement, close contact, conflict or harmony; Top moves: Ganchos, Walks, Ochos. Strong, sharp, full of chemistry.

Out of the Glitterball: What do you think of first thing in the morning and last thing at night?
Erin - a cup of tea; Robin - cleaning; Anton: it's so difficult to get up; Kara: Life's good; Artem - choregraphing in his head, all day, all night (Shouldn't he be helping out with the cleaning?) Who would you take to a desert island? Erin - Claudia; Artem - a stranger; Katya - friends; Robin - Scott; James - Ann.

Lisa (She's got the look) Armstrong and Neil (A Cut above the rest) do hair and make up. The look is decided by the dance, the costumes, the music and the personality. Halloween week a fave, Michelle had hot wired extensions, backcombed, full on make up to match, including those eyelashes; Felicity's paso plait, she'd brought in her own accessories box, strong eyes and lips; Tina's charleston modelled on Tallulah from the Bugsy Malone film. They're going all out for the final.

End Credits: It's 1979 and the pro's own teachers are ... probably wishing they hadn't shown this!

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