Monday, 13 December 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Goodbye Gavya

Tonight ... Gavya, A Question of Strictly, Anton, Bruno.

Backstage pass, all in moody black and white, recap and Gavya on the sofa. Gavin (Final Whistle) extremely proud of himself - two left feet and tone deaf, nearly got the hang of it! Katya (Final Chat-ya) says they started as underdogs and continued as underdogs, made sure we left on a high. Very pleased with Len's comments and very pleased she had a pop at Craig, who never offered anything positive. Was a little scared when she first saw Gavin walk, but he's driven and hardworking, extremely proud of him. Highlights - all the fun stuff! Who would you like to win? Matt, says Gav; Katya would like to see a girl take it.

Strictly A-Z: R is for romance - role play in waltz, rumba, foxtrot. S is for sequins - just stick 'em everywhere, says Aliona, the more sparkle and glitter the better. T for Tess - always on their side, there for them. Nice to hear some positivity from people who actually know her.

A Question of Strictly filming: Anton, Len, Austin and Chris join Tuffers, Matt and Sue. Yes, Anton - Sue for Strictly, been saying it for years! Looks like they all had a blast, we can see it BBC1, 27th December, 10.35pm. Anton (Widdeless) on the sofa and says it was the most exctiting thing he's ever done, been a big fan for years! ITT Grand Piano challenge - score: 172! Erin will abuse him for months. Why don't they use both feet like Tom Hanks and dance it? He's bottom of the boys!

Bruno (Bru-knows best) B is for Bonkers; R is for Restless; U is for Unpredictable; N is for Naughty; O is for Opinionated. Did the right three make it? I think so, most competitive season, everybody did well to get where they did. Mattiona's tango didn't move him enough for a ten, didn't like the lift; Jamela quickstep never lost the style, even with the showbiz beginning and tap section, beautifully choreographed; Artara rumba - Not a Lift! Artistry, poetry in motion, incredibly difficult. And he's up out of his seat, demonstrating the arms! For the final, they will be doing: Their highest scoring dance; a dance of their choice; a brand new dance to them; Showdance! *rubs hand together*

End Credits: Probably the best end credits in the world ever - How Artem perfected the rumba without Kara ... James took her place! Brilliant!

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