Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Girl Power

Tonight ... Jamela, Karen, Flavia, Fiona, Gloria, Zoe.

Jamela on the ecstatic sofa and James (Four-ten) is still deaf. The 10 meant a lot from Craig. Pamela (Box Office Smasher) was completely lost in the dance, moved by the audience reaction. Did you know? Not during rehearsal, music needed romance, dress, Tommy singing, lighting, everything made it. A team 40. Grannys Go Go Glitter! Not currently available. Old doesn't exist - it's chronologically advantaged (not challenged). Paso - quickstep - swingathon this week.There'll be nudging and tripping. Grand Piano Challenge, James scores 338 after doing nothing right, he reckons. Katya scored how many?

Strictly A-Z: P is for Professionals. We have some of the best in the world. Superior beings. Best job ever. Q is for quickstep - bottom half busy, top half still. Erin's favourite.

Series 3 ladies: Zoe (whole new ball game) Gloria (days of glory-a) Fiona (Strictly Record holder) this series fantastic, favourite changes weekly, don't know who to vote for; Gavin is shy, vulnerable, confused. Whoever wins will deserve it; ladies losing weight; giant emu samba (Zoe) Matt's hip movement. Who's the pro, Artem or Kara? There follows much gossiping! But who do you want to/think will win it? Fiona and Zoe: Kara; Gloria - any could, Pamela may sneak it.

Professional work experience: Animal Magic with Flavia! Looks amazing, even in baggy overalls; poo shovelling the llamas; love the pink wellies; feeding worms to meerkats - she'd be no good in #imaceleb! Feeding the giraffes, hang on tight! 10 for effort!

Karen (Hardy at work) choreography corner: Dancing versus theme? Got to deliver the dance, some of them could've got higher scores (but would the public have voted for them?)

Artara absolutely brilliant and undermarked throughout (should I say that?) pushing the boundaries, trust takes it to untold limits, stole the show; Jamela connected with the audience, nailed the choreography. Turn the music off and you'd know what dance it was, pure VW, James a purist; Scattalie lost the public's confidence but mojo was back, need to deliver three perfect dances to regain public, nailed all the elements, great shaping and aggression; Mattiona so brave, incredible, so involved with the Austin Powers, could've done with more jive; Gavya - should there have been quickstep in there, gave enough foxtrot content at the beginning, let's bring pizazz to the finale.

End credits: Sorry ... so so sorry ...

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