Thursday, 9 December 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Frocks Galore!

Tonight ... Artara, training snapshots, frocktalk.

Ballroom snapshots first: Mattiona, tango - Aliona wants scary, intense; Gavya, VW - dizzy, could get tens; Jamela, QS - expecting a lot, fun and challenging; Scattalie, AT - looking the biz, believing in self; Artara, VW - physically and mentally demanding, looking beautiful. And they're on the sofa ...

Kara (Chairground attraction) happy with any score above a six, Artem (A La C'Artem) says she was amazing, in rehearsal something always goes wrong. Love her eyelashes. Shock re Scott, have to take it less seriously, anyone can go, just enjoy while it lasts. Rumba, not a fan, great lines, storytelling. Swingathon is carnage, it's going to be funny. Artem on the Grand Piano Challenge - scores 394.

Erin's favourite dance - John and Kristina's paso! We all remember it not for the technique but his arrogance and pride, Kristina's choreography was brilliant. Adorable, shouldn't be, but... The Drag! Audience went mad, judges ripped them to shreds.

Jared shows us how dance shoes are made - they've gone through 4000 pairs since the beginning of Strictly!

The Frock Panel - Ben De Lisi, Zandra Rhodes (Monarch of the Hem) Hilary Alexander. Pamela paso - coral orange, black jet beaded lacing, bib, circular skirt, lattice work, corsetry, gorgeous, Versace in a Wild West Saloon in Mexico; Kara VW - divine, lots of tulle, illusion, huge static skirt like a cloud, halterneck; Natalie AT - two piece, stunning, retro, very 40s, she's out to get him. Perfect, tulip chiffon sleeve; Katya samba, moves wonderfully, 2 piece, floral lining, leg, hip; Aliona tango - half a dress, 7 panels of silk tied across the body, thigh high cut; Pamela QS - rose gladiator, black and pink, picture doesn't do much for it.

Latin snapshot: Artara rumba - any error will show, looking great though; Scattalie charleston - he's embraced it, his style, full of tricks; Jamela paso - energy, passion, aggression; Mattiona salsa - fun all the way, cracking; Gavya samba - gonna be good, hips are moving, confident.

End credits: Junior judges view on final five!

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