Friday, 10 December 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Friday Fun Panel

Tonight ... Jared, Mattiona, Craig, Miranda, Katy.

Mattiona on the sofa; Aliona encouraged the back flip. Matt (International Matt of Mystery) says they watched the AP movies on their way to the Herbrides. Aliona (Wants to be in the Finali) structured the choreography to ensure jive content and character in equal measure. They've had a really good week, tango edges salsa as Matt's fave. Desperate to do a showdance.

Jared's dream job for the day - superspy! Undercover to prevent political assanation. I take they don't all die at the end, like Spooks? He scores an 8. Claudia is properly speechless. Jared and Aliona with the ITT Grand Piano Challenge; Jared, a paltry 219; Aliona an even paltrier, less than Katya, 20!

Time To Say Goodbye - recap and feelings at losing them all one by one.

Craig (Always a Revel-ation) joined by Miranda (She Harts Strictly) and Katy (Not married to Russell) for the Friday panel. CRaig is on the verge of losing his rag if he has to explain how the swingathon will work one more time; Miranda loved the Big Bird routine; Katy calls Jamela's rumba a sexual awakening; Miranda cried at Jamela's VW.

Scattalie AT, always drama in Nat's choreography, already looking ok, victim of their own success with the jive, haven't bettered. Coffee advert music?! Artara rumba, looking really good, spins, controlled, keep a foot on the floor. Can do no wrong. Santana? Cruise music. Are they going to finish the dress? Jamela paso, dragging effect, good skirt action, powerful, apels, looking really good. Bad Romance, dramatic, has to resurface after every show, so into it; Mattiona salsa, underarm turn, watch out, hip action, feeling positive, a technician but under control, include heart in head and feet connection, needs the soul of the dance. Spinning Around their song. Katy wants literal interpretation of the music. Aliona's dress would suit both his sofa mates, says Craig. They love him in unison. Gavya samba, lumpy carnage not carnival, place the free arm. His thighs are too big for dancing, sighs Miranda. Bamboleyo the song, great choice.

Who do we think will make the final? Miranda: Kara, Pamela, Scott
Katy: Kara, Pamela, Matt

End credits: Gavya's VW - Robbie Williams the song.

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