Friday, 3 December 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Craig takes the Michael ...

Tonight ... Scattalie, Robin, Power Panel.

On the sofa with Scattalie and Scott (Walford's weariest) and Nat (Fair dinkum dancer) and Clauds (easily pleased) said their AS dress rehearsal was beyond perfect. Gutted, they loved it so much. It wasn't even an anxious blank, more a "did I leave the bath running" type blank. Stepped off on the wrong foot, struggled to hear the first beat and see the cue. Scoring controversy, they didn't think they deserved the nines, but Nat deserves a medal! Loving the paso, training looks great.

Robin's fave ever Strictly routine: Lisa and Brendan's foxtrot to Walking My Baby Back Home. I loved that too. Beautifully danced and interpreted.

Strictly A-Z: M is for Make Up ... from boiled potatoes to divas! N is for nerves - don't let them beat you. Results show is agony. O is for Ovations - standing audience better than 10s.

What film would Strictly be? Tornado - The Godfather - Overboard - Space Odyssey - Happy Feet - Moulin Rouge - Jungle Book - Priscilla, Queen of the Desert meets 300: A battle in sequins; The Running Man; Highway To Hell!

The Power Panel: Craig (Cinem-arty Pants) Michael Ball (Ball-round entertainer) Tamsin Outhwaite (Leading Lady). Michael loving Pamela, thought she would be funny but she's so elegant, and Scott. Tamsin loves Kara, most natural dancer, finds Scott endearing. Craig loves the theme nights.

Mattiona - jive - fast, point feet more, great natural rhythm, fun to watch. Austin Powers - Oh yes! Soul Bossa Nova, Quincy Jones. OMG Yes! Gavya - foxtrot. He's so deadpan, odd sense of humour, glad he's back in hold, all looking good. Blues Brothers, very bluesy, Mr Moocher? Gotta love him, lovely rise and fall, graceful; Artara - tango. The roof will come off, AT phenomenal, looking spectacular - one of the best we've ever seen. Roxanne from Moulin Rouge. Tamsin's in a camp sandwich. Spanking? I say, steady on! Kara has discovered sexy; Widdyton - AS "this looks lovely, I'll probably give them an eight" Clauds made Craig say that. Some movement, content, think she's actually trying, has got better. Hello Dolly, good choice, Tamsin in love with Anton. Hasn't done AT or jive yet, has she, asks Michael. There's not a bra strong enough, darling, retorts Craig! Jamela - VW - graceful, clean and delicious finishes, what she's doing for women of a certain age, phenomenal. Unchained Melody. Perfect. We're all going to be in tears. Craig agrees.

Scattalie, paso - story, running out of time, one word each: Butch; he's a showman; pair of mingers! No, they're brilliant. We know it's Bond but not which one!

Who would play you in a movie? Kara - Sandra Bullock, she reckons Patrick Swayze for Artem; Matt - Matthew Broderick; Pamela - Renee Zellwegger; Ann - Helen Mirren; Scott - Jerry Lewis, Natalie reckons Jim Carrey; Gavin - Christian Bale and Helen Hunt for Katya.

Artara dance us out; all at their best, this is going to be a mega show!


  1. I was starting to wonder if Craig had been drinking! Lol

    Don't know about you Scatty, but I managed to get out today - first time since Tuesday! Hate snow! Was wondering how Matt was gonna get back from the outer Hebrides with the plane problems, but he's made it - yay! :o)

    Bring on the live show! :o)

  2. I was walking to school on Tues and Weds, thankfully they closed it Thurs and Fri! The show was a cracker wasn't it!