Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Boys Own Stuff

Tonight ... Scattalie, Erin, Len, Gethin, Austin, Colin.

Scattalie on the sofa ... how shocked? Scott (shaken and third) we knew it could be dodgy, surprised, not shocked. How scared? Nat (Fab abs) didn't think they'd beat Widdyton. Almost broke her thumb, pulling off his shirt; he was more concerned for other bits, since it's attached to cycle shorts. Blind panic over three dances initially but actually been a good week, energy levels up now in sight of the finish. Charleston and AT, really happy, two diverse dances. Nat on the ITT Grand Piano Challenge - Wow, she's good, got to be top score: 1091 Scott calling out James Gordon in his excitement, lol!

Dr. Len's Dance Clinic: Newlyweds - Latin or Ballroom? Got to be rumba - not enough space for a foxtrot indoors! How can a guy loosen his top half and arms and still look manly? Stiff always beats floppy "a hand without a thumb is like a kiss without a moustache" French quote. ?. Use the arm joints to extend. Help me with my kicks and flicks? A good excuse to get Claudia up in her twenty-eight inch heels. No softness in the ankle; can someone call St.John's ambulance, she's about to topple ...

Erin and the machine: But first - her ITT Grand Piano challenge, she'll be second to Nat I think. Yes, 400! Loving Erin this year, she's hilarious. I always thought she was quite sedate and serious before. Gavya: VW - reverse turns, stand up tall, little bit skippy, arms droopy, they took the arrow and circles away from her, spoilsports. Arm line should be straight, no tippy toes either; Mattiona: Tango - flexed knees, sharp, should be straight in the lunge; Jamela: QS - she can tap dance! Step hops not looking so lovely, lost posture, shape to the left, great arm line, should be looking left; Artara: VW - arm extensions beautiful, presenting to the audience; Scattalie: Charleston - basic forward and back swivels brilliant.

Karen Hardy's Dance Files: Salsa. the hot and spicy party dance, judges looking to see celeb mastering the rhythm, embracing party style and having lots of hip. Small steps, Cuban motion, arm styling. No straight legs. Only one couple have scored 40 - guess who?

Gethin (jumping jiver) Colin (quickstepping star) and Austin (Paso supremo) on the sofa. Matt and Scott could take the girls; Gavin gives hope to all rugby players, give him another 2-3 years. Pamela amazing, Kara fantastic; Matt backflipped his way through Blue Peter too, brilliant at everything, Austin Powers was amazing, so creative. Scott and Matt combined, can you imagine? No end credits, because they're worse than a bunch of women talking Strictly and won't shut up ...

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