Thursday, 2 December 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Auntie Su in Male Dancers Lust Shock!

Tonight ... Widdyton, training snapshots, costume crazies.

Girls training: Jamela VW - challenging, understated, needs to nail, needs smoothness; Artara tango - intensity, tough, being picky and harsh, fiery and dramatic; Widdyton AS - open, movement, lifts, fun, we're so showbiz and they're on the sofa ...

Clauds tells them the rumba is her fave dance ever. Anton (Anton Du Capiro) had the idea - what's it like in your head? Music came first, then it snowballed *groans*. People are giving them standations in their own home. Anton is reticent - we're dancing for fun, not the judges. Love taking the bows, we could shake hands with the audience too! Why not miss out the judges and go straight to Tess? Widdecombe Dance Studios: Twirl, arms, bridge, help! Pretty straightforward AS - Erin reckons it's their best yet. Maximising the three lifts - going up and staying up. If they make the final, they're both flying. Ann (Widdeslet) is no fool, is she? And she's doing the tour too, apparently dancing with Craig ... but since he's a judge, she may not be part of the competition. Who knows?

Out of the Glitterball: What flavour ice cream would you be? Robin - Neapolitan; Natalie - cookies and cream; Flavia - pistachio; Vincent - fondant chocolate; Brendan - raspberry. Who do you want to dance in front of? Artem - parents; Brendan - The Queen; Vincent - a mirror; James - Megan Fox; Natalie - Oprah Winfrey; Flavia - everyone; Robin - Madonna.

Boys training snapshots: Scattalie paso - whoo, come on! Physical. Story. Fast. Snappy. Content. Fingers crossed. Positive. Creative. Passionate; Gavya foxtrot. Happy in hold; Er, looked like QS there; assisted jump *coughs*? You know what Len said! Mattiona - in the outer Hebrides, the carrier pigeon with the VT got lost on the way home.

Auntie Su Judd: Kara a knockout, designed her own Charleston outfit, her fave was the black AS number; Ann the clearest on her look, leggings under everything, loves the colours. Looking quite gorgeous. A big fan of Pamela since the NTNOCN days, daring waltz dress, weight loss proving challenging.

Costume creations: Ben De Lisi (De-Lisi-ous designer) and Hillary Alexander (The Greatest Alexander) agree that Su's a genius. It's a collaboration, know your body but be open minded. Ann an inspiration to 60 somethings. Aliona's AS dress the hardest to make, intricate, bodice, bead work, dropped waist. Movies crucial to fashion, movie stars set the look. This week: Ann - yellow velvet, leopard print jumpsuit, beaded. Jungle Book? Pamela - halterneck, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Aliona - union jack, red bow, backless, fringing, patchwork lycra, individual pieces. Quadrophenia? Katya - androgynous, tailored, evening trousers, Yves St.Laurent. No idea; Nat's Paso - barely there, crystal and stone encrusted white bikini, double faced split skirt. Hillary gave it away but wasn't the Dr. No theme 'Underneath the Mango Tree'? Far be it from me to criticise the music but I can't see that working as a Paso ;) The actual proper Bond theme, on the other hand, would be fantastic!

Auntie Su back to run her eyes (not just her eyes, by the sound of it) over the boys: Not much colour for them, too sweaty. Matt most like a dancer, broad shoulders, narrow hips, eyes like pools of molten Galaxy*; He wanted the country gent look for the cha cha; Scott an ex-model, snazzy, embraced, changed physique the most, bit James Dean (pro)portions stunning, wouldn't mind a bowlful*; Gavin exciting to (un)dress, everything in the right place, why hide the flesh, not so good in a tail suit, want to see his bum, gerremoff*.

End credits: Face - look - bovvered?
*I may have embellished some of her comments a bit ;)

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