Saturday, 4 December 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 10: Saturday Night At The Movies

And we open with a pro dance, or rather, pro couples. Robin and Kristina are the ones that we want, as Danny and Sandy cha cha ing from Grease; Ola and James take our breath away with a beautiful rumba from Top Gun; Anton and Erin are a couple of charming swells from Easter Parade; and you never can tell what Artem and Katya will come up with next, how'd that wig stay on for the Pulp Fiction number? Dress honours to Kara again tonight!

Scattalie out first for their paso to the James Bond theme *excited*. Nice arm shaping, great choreography, hit the highs in the music, intense yet fun! Len: 007 - you came out, passion, posture, performance, fullon, wonderful job, hard music, hard choreography, coped well; Alesha: Giving Gavin a run for his money, great walks, purpose and intent; Bruno: Sssssscotttt - licenced to thrill, can play soft, can play rough, produced beautiful Spanish lines; Craig: Back (in the comp) Loved the theme, loved the choreography. Virile, redblooded, hot. Score: 35

Widdyton AS to Hello Dolly, an elegant lift to begin, pivots and a high kick, another lift, arms and legs intact, quickstep chasses! And another lift - her best dance, there was movement there. Milking the audience. Alesha: Nice to see more dance content, well done on the lifts, posture terrible, grim expression. And something along the lines of: thanks, and goodbye; Bruno: Hello trolley, dalek in drag, entertaining. If they're trying to get rid of her, they're going about it all wrong. Craig: lifts were best bit, knee lift was alright, chasses were passable and the polka I didn't mind; Len: dancing is movement to music, you did move and there was music. Score: 14 Can't believe I'm saying this, but I think she was undermarked. Vast improvement on anything we've seen before. Or is that I've been so used to not seeing any movement?

Mattiona jive to Soul Bossa Nova (which I think is probably more a salsa or samba track if honest, however - back flip off the judges desk to start *jaw drops* loving the Austin Powers impression, well into it. Fringy trousers. Groovy City, yeah baby, a very funky jive. Woof woof! Loved it. Bruno: Groovy baby, jive with a swinging 60s flavour, expecting Twiggy any moment; Craig: loved it, brave, characterisation, flawless, clean, precise, goofy. Len: feeling great, content great, light of foot, great job. Score: 35 and a tie on the leaderboard we really didn't want tonight!

Jamela VW to Unchained Melody and it didn't seem long enough, beautifully elegant, classy, a little too understated maybe? Craig: graceful, elegant, stylish, tasteful, full of emotion, gorgeous; Len: You should go through with that; Alesha; Happy birthday. The perfect song, perfect dress, perfect dance. Score: 40 Am actually very pleased for James with that score - he's consistently produced gorgeous ballroom routines.

Gavya foxtrot to Minnie the Moocher from Blues Brothers, I recognise it properly now. Ah, the QS bit, it all makes sense and there's no "assisted jump". Excellent form, way way his best. Well done. Len: Your best dance, well done; Alesha: sexy hot couple, nicely played; Bruno: two for the price of one, much improved. Score: 33

Artara tango to Roxanne from Moulin Rouge. Passionate, intense, choreographically fantastic, dramatic, wow. Alesha: blown away, best tango ever on Strictly; Bruno: spectacular sextacular (he's up!); Craig: Fantasmagorical; Len: well done, great. Score: 38. This actually edged Jamela for me, would've swapped the scores around.

Leaderboard: Jamela 40; Artara 38; Mattiona 35; Scattalie 35; Gavya 33; Widdyton 14.
The tie worries me, we could be saying goodbye to one of the Big Four tonight, which is a shame because they're all excellent. One more sleep and then we know. I did my bit, voted twice each for the top four! GBP don't let me down, the worst dancer has never got beyond the quarter final before! Except for the first series, which was a toy series ...

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