Sunday, 5 December 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 10: The Moment of Truth

Strictly showdancers do Mamma Mia in tango, paso and samba. Hadn't noticed the other pro guy so much before. Nice. An Ian Waite special.

Craig really and truly loved the theme night, gave everyone the freedom to express; Jamela stood out. Recap: An evening never to be forgotten, everyone improved; Scott, job well done. Widdy the record breaker, 5 lowest scores in one series; Matt played Austin Powers brilliantly, wanted to give him 10s. Jamela incredible, dance of the night; very proud of Gavya "the more you sweat, the better you get"; Artara - Alesha wished she'd had a 20 - Kara the one to beat. Girls on top! So many great contestants, could be the best final ever.

Here We Go Moment #1: Safe - Gavya! Oooh! Artara! *Phew* Bottom Two: Scattalie! *EEK* *Nooooo*. Bruno: Are you kidding? Baddest and worst joke ever. Unfair. I don't get it, potential winner. Alesha: the boys are on fire - can't predict it.

Anton and Erin waltz to Moon River, beautiful set, beautiful dress, Hayley on vocals. Gorgeous.

Gav's a little bit emotional, all down to Katya, who's even more so. He can't get his head around three dances. Kara says (re Scott) it's a trav, what word am I looking for? Shock, says Artem, quickly. But we know she got it right first time ...

Here We Go Moment #2: Safe - Jamela! Bottom Two: It's got to be Widdyton, surely not Mattiona? oh, yes! Widdyton it is. Craig: The public have finally come to their senses, they choose the best in the end. Len: Next week, so exciting, two individual dances, swingathon - oh, come on! Tough enough when one goes, next week we lose two!

Ann very gracious, Scott not surprised after his bad couple of weeks. If Widdyton make it through, expect brilliance from Anton and Ann tagging along. Scattalie will have charleston and Argentine Tango. If ever there were two dances that can turn it around for them, they're the ones.

The Manic Street Preachers, proper live music, the Strictly singers are backing too. Nice song. I'd the impression MSP were s'posed to be edgy?

The Moment of Truth: Widdyton! *Note to Dad: I told you so! Betting syndicates, ha!* Nice tribute to Anton; he's had the most incredible time, Ann has been ... a wonderful time because of this lady.

First part of the semi final is at 9pm on Friday! Game on!


  1. Gavin's got no chance - thank god! ;o)

    Could be any 3 of the other 4 - game on! :o)

  2. Never known a semi this uncut and undried before!