Sunday, 12 December 2010

Strictly Come Dancing Semi Final: The Moment of Truth

Hands up, who's got butterflies?

Paso Pose silhouette to begin, flowing skirts and capes, but no Ian Waite? Band were fab!

Recap of the ballroom bonanza: amazing, fantastic, fabulous dancing, Pamela should've quickstepped her way in to the final, Kara the Belle of the Ball; Scott brought himself back into contention and Matt - bless, how emotional was he?

Here We Go Moment #1: Through to the final - Jamela; Artara! Whoop whoop! 2/3

Len says the showdance can make or break, anything goes, lifts, tricks, music from any era, no holds barred, come out and entertain. James and Artem have both been crying! Oh, don't deny it ...

Bruce and Lance sing about the three bears, with Ola a very creditable Goldilocks who brings Brucie (briefly) onto dance floor while we listen to Lance scat *nods approval*

Who's feeling the most confidet out of the three remaining couples? Me, says Gavin! His humour is a revelation this series.

Take That, Back For Good. I'm going to take a moment to patronize some people. Strictly is live - BUT, the guests acts, whilst appearing on the same day, are generally recorded (live!) earlier (think equipment set up and how long it takes) so yes, Robbie would have had ample time to get from Strictly to the X-Factor. I'm just sayin' ... anyway, the lads all seem much more relaxed now, I think the break did them good, gave them perspective. Always loved this song. Check out Bruno, swaying double time. Gary is superb and their harmonies perfect. Bruno's arms are in the air now!

Here We Go Moment #2: Leaving first: Gavya! Tributes to each other and their highlights. He's been good value, well done Gav!

The Moment of Truth: Leaving ... Scattalie! Mattiona through, YAY! (3/3) Scott says when it works, it works, you know it; some amazing moments. I think tiredness was his victor in the end, not fully recovering his peak form from earlier - but what fab dances to remember!

So it's Mattiona, Artara and Jamela with four dances next week for probably the closest final ever! I really wouldn't like to call it - this may really be all on the showdance! It's us to decide - 7pm next Saturday. Don't be late!


  1. I do think it's interesting that we have a final between three celebs who have never been in the bottom two - really can't call it! Not as obvious as it's been in many previous years. Could go to any of the three.

    Would be happy if either Matt or Kara lifted the glitterball! :o) Bless Matt when he was all tearful after his Tango - I wanted to give him a cuddle!

  2. I'm just hoping it lives up to its billing! It might all come down to the music choices (and interpretation thereof) Foxy!

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