Saturday, 11 December 2010

Strictly Come Dancing Semi Final 2: *Gets Goosebumps*

Even the voice over man is squeaking. Nat takes costume honours again.

Scattalie out first - Charleston, great movement, very fluid for most part, good legs, fun, not many tricks you associate though. Len: classic, fun, swivelling action, not too gimmicky, high energy; Alesha: good old fashioned entertainment, really enjoyed; Bruno: yes oh yes Ssssscott, after seven months at sea you found yourself a flapper, exuberance and comedy; Craig: opening nebulous, overbalanced horribly, whole thing cute and quirky, enjoyed it. Score: 35

Artara rumba, very fast, passionate - you know I don't much like rumbas, find them too static? Well, not this one, lots going on, hairography, flowing, beautiful arms again, brilliant. This combined with the VW last night will get my vote. Alesha: So touching, could watch you dance all night, pure magic; Bruno: Rrrrravishing, a godddess of love, spins to drop, brilliant; Craig: almost perfect, if not for the lift the ten paddle would be dusted off; Len: You're not supposed to dance that well, spirals beautiful, crossing the ankles, knockout. Score: 39 she's getting quite emotional, bless her.

Mattiona with a massive comeback: Tangotastic! A Wow dance, love those leg sweeps, aggressive, passionate, great musicality. Ok judges? What say you? Bruno: Strong, powerful, driven, hint of arrogance, moving her about beautifully, done very very well; Craig: the lift bit (foot on floor) didn't belong but hot, military precision, controlled, full of purpose, leading; Len: cooking on gas, came out on fire, loved it, hold, posture, movement, fabulous; Alesha: powerful, driven, purpose. Phew! Score:38 Bruno! Boo! You expect it from Craig. My second definite vote.

Gavya VW started so well, then fluffed it and lost it a bit, a shame because it was looking lovely, frame and posture both good, lovely movement around the floor. Craig: timing sometime eludes you, not dancing on the first beat. Len: good footwork, good posture, good frame, my hero, you come back strong every week; Alesha: much more at ease in ballroom, graceful, be proud; Bruno: elegant and smooth, done very well. Score: 31 He's cracking up the rest of them.

Jamela quickstep, top hat and tails. Come On! Brave, with the legs out like that. Love the tap section and the opening, happy happy proper dance! Len: Stepping out with your baby James, lovely ballroom, beautiful hold and posture, brilliant; Alesha; a passion for dance, light up the room, inspiration to so many women; Bruno: the Broadway babe, loved theatrical opening, pure cinematic joy; Craig: Fab-u-lous! I think there may be another top score coming. Score: 40!

Leaderboard: Artara 83; Jamela 78; Mattiona/Scattalie 70; Gavya: 59. Bit uneasy about there being a tie - who'd a thought, with three scored dances? Only three can go through and I have to sacrifice ... Scattalie, not because I haven't loved them, but Artara have had two stunners this weekend, Mattiona I felt an emotional connection with, loved both his dances and Jamela, well, the fun and the joy of dance gets me every time.

Take That. Love Them. I was voting, but did I see Robbie and Mark auditioning for Strictly? They should have a special and put the fab five against each other. Erin and Gary; Flavia and Mark; Katya and Robbie? Jason and Howard to fight over Ola, Aliona, Nat and Kristina.

Early results show tomorrow - 7pm. You don't wanna miss this one!

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